ITV Just Hinted When The 'Love Islanders' Parents Will Enter The Villa — Exclusive

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images /ITV

When it comes to the final week of Love Island, there's only one thing that fans cannot wait for, and that's the annual meet the parents episode. Especially this year, since the idea of Danny Dyer waltzing into the villa to scare the living hell out of Jack Fincham has been providing quality memes for the past seven weeks. So, when do the parents go on Love Island?

As you're probably aware, show bosses have been surprising the Islanders with visits from their parents for three seasons now, but there are only four episodes of the series left before the finale with no loved ones in sight. So, what's the deal? Are they coming or not? The contestants have endured the dreaded lie detector test and the baby task in pretty quick succession, which should mean that the parents' entrance will occur imminently, right?

Well, kind of. I decided to reach out to a representative from ITV, who tells me that "nothing [is] confirmed at present," and that they "wouldn't really confirm until closer to [transmission]." But then, a huge hint they did drop. The spokesperson goes on tell me that "last year this happened on the last weekend of the series." Um, is this a wink wink nudge nudge moment I detect? Sunday night's episode, anyone?

When glancing back at the previous seasons of Love Island — Series 2 and 3 respectively — the parents enter the villa on day 42, the day after the Islanders look after the baby dolls, as reported by the Express. Obviously, this series is way past day 42 due to this series' extended length, so events such as this are going to be out of sync. However, the parents' arrival has always happened the weekend after the baby task, which this series, took place on Wednesday night. So it looks like, it's coming soon.

However, some fans on social media are totally losing their patience and want Danny Dyer, along with the rest of the mums and dads, to hurry up:

Dreams were crushed further after a promising photo of Dani Dyer's parents at Gatwick airport surfaced on Sunday. Could they be on their way to the villa?

Unfortunately, the flights they caught were not to Majorca. We know this because a Danny Dyer fan later posted a pic of himself with the EastEnders actor is Disney World, Florida. I mean, it's a quality holiday destination but it's a bit of a distance from the Love Island villa.

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I'm still holding out hope though. If the parents visit is being pushed to Sunday night's episode — i.e. "the last weekend of the series" — that gives the Dyer clan a chance to fly to Mallorca on the way home to greet Dani and Jack once they leave the villa.

Jack Fowler let a little something slip after being eliminated, hinting that the meet the parents episode will be happening this series. During his exit interview, he said: "I would love to go back into the villa to experience my family coming into the villa, to see what I've been living in." Does he know something we don't?

That could be a sign that there is still a chance for family members to come in, but it's a long shot. It's not really a secret to the Islanders anymore that this is an event that happens on the show every series.

C'mon, Love Island. You can't deny fans the opportunity for Danny to meet — and most likely intimidate — Jack for the first time, that's just not fair.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.