You Can Pre-Order Bitter Lace Beauty's Mermaid Dreams Collection

by Augusta Statz

It’s not often a makeup collection that allows you to live out your mermaid fantasies IRL comes along, so when it does, you’ve got to take advantage of it. There’s a very special collection available for pre-order now, and you’ll want to know all of the details so you can go ahead and place your order! When does Bitter Lace Beauty’s Mermaid Dreams Collection ship? This line is most definitely worth the wait.

Bitter Lace Beauty announced a mermaid-inspired collection that contains a Mermaid Dreams Palette, a Shellfish Compact and gorgeous highlighters. The highlight palette is designed to look like a mermaid's tail (complete with scales and all) and will hold 10 different highlighting shades. Meanwhile, the Shellfish Compact has room for one under-the-sea worthy highlighter and offers the most adorable seashell packaging. The brand’s said the collection will be permanent, so if for some reason it sells out, you’ll likely have a chance to get your hands on it in the future.

But, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to wait long to add these hues to your collection. The entire range was available for pre-order on the brand’s website at the time of publication. You may be able to purchase now, but according to the Bitter Lace Beauty’s Instgram, you’ll have to wait one-two months before the items actually ship out. This is an estimation, and they promise to keep fans posted if the ship date should change. One-two months may feel like a long time to wait, but hey — makeup this good is so worth it.

The brand does a great job of explaining all of the vital details for this pre-order situation. One important thing to note is the palettes and the highlighting shades are sold separately, so you can build the perfect collection to suit your mermaid style.

There's room for 10 different pans in the palette, and you can choose any of the brand's lovely sea-inspired hues to place inside. Single shades are $18, marbled options are $20 and any with specialty designs are $22 (i.e. the Starfish Wishes shade, the Prism original rainbow highlight and the Afterglow hue).

Mermaid Dreams Palette, $35, Bitter Lace Beauty

You can purchase the empty palette for $35.

Shell Me About It Highlighter, $20, Bitter Lace Beauty

And then choose to fill it with any highlighting shade you'd like. The brand's created 27 different options you're sure to love.

Shellfish Compact, $8, Bitter Lace Beauty

This cute little compact is sold on its own for $8, and you can fit one highlighting shade of your choice inside.

Of course, there's also the option to purchase the Mermaid Dreams Bundle for $214. The bundle option contains the Shellfish Compact, the Mermaid Dreams Palette and 11 different shades including Afterglow, Life is the Bubbles and Copper Sea — just to name a few.

There's no way you'd want to miss the chance to own an underwater-themed makeup collection, so be sure to pre-order from the Bitter Lace Beauty website to get in on the action. When you do, these products will have you looking like a beautiful sea creature in one-two months' time!