'Black Lightning' Will Be Back For Season 3 Before You Know It

Josh Stringer/The CW

Black Lightning Season 2 is already over, and the stakes have never been higher. This season has been packed with new villains, heartbreaking violence, stunning revelations, heartwarming moments, serious character growth, and a major expansion of the show's universe. Of course, fans will miss their Monday night fix of superhero action, but they'll be happy to know Black Lightning will return for Season 3.

The renewal announcement was revealed on Black Lightning’s Twitter page in January shortly after Season 2B returned with more action — which was likely a relief to faithful viewers, considering things are really starting to get good with the main characters. Jennifer is learning about the responsibilities of being a full-fledged hero, Anissa is working through Grace’s mysterious disappearance, and Jefferson is balancing his frustration over the state of Freeland alongside his moral standards against killing anyone – even the calculating and cruel Tobias Whale.

An official premiere date has yet to be announced, but Black Lightning's official writers page confirmed that Season 3 will debut in Fall 2019, which isn't too surprising considering the show's rapid pace thus far. It only made its series debut in January 2018, but has quickly resonated with viewers by exploring the superhero genre through a Black lens. And Anissa "Thunder" Pierce's status as TV's first Black lesbian hero has also been a big draw for those craving this type of representation for years.

In a little over year, Black Lightning has already blazed through a whopping 29 episodes, so it's pretty amazing a third season is already in the works. It's likely that Season 3 will follow the same format of Season 2 with an early October debut, December mid-season finale, and a January return to finish the final episodes. This would also keep Black Lightning on the same schedule as The CW's other DC Comics shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, even though it is not officially apart of the Arrowverse.

Eliza Morse/The CW

Between the Pierce family's brewing conflict, the A.S.A., the Markovians, and Tobias' Masters of Disaster collective, the writing and creative team have a ton of work ahead of them during this relatively short break with. But they did crank out a solid Season 2 in the same time frame, so they clearly know what they're doing, and fans are ready to see what new storylines, alliances, character, and revelations will pop up in Season 3. It's also going to be super fun to really see Jennifer dive into action alongside her father and sister, now that she's embracing her powers.

You may be sad Black Lightning Season 2 is over, but Season 3 is only a few short months away, so get ready for more crises and epic battles. Black Lighting, Thunder, Lightning, and Lynn are ready to up the ante as they fight for Freeland’s peace and reclaim a piece of their old lives. Until then, the internet is open for debates and speculation about what price the Pierces will have to pay for freedom.