If You Like ‘Gomorrah,’ Watch These Shows

Emanuela Scarpa/Sundance TV

Miss The Sopranos? Trust me, you're not alone — and if you’re willing to deal with reading some subtitles, there’s still time to jump on Gomorrah. The Italian language show deals with organized crime in the suburbs of Naples, and is wrapping up its second season on the SundanceTV channel after first premiering in Italy in 2012. But is it worth getting on board now, or is the show not long for this world? Will Gomorrah return for Season 3?

Because Gomorrah is filmed in Italy and brought to the United States roughly a year after it first airs, it’s sometimes tough to get English-language information about when the show will be returning. However, Reddit sleuths have been able to piece together clues with the help of Italian-speaking fans. According to Sky Italia, the third season will be returning to Italian television in November 2017; a Facebook post shared by actor Salvatore Esposito also revealed that the season was being filmed in January of this year. As for when it will return to SundanceTV so people in the States can legally watch it, odds are it will probably be scheduled for the spring or summer of 2018, just like it was in 2017.

While it’s reassuring to know that the show is coming back, it’ll likely be a whole year between when Season 2 finale hits and when the show picks back up in the U.S. So what should you watch to occupy yourself in the meantime? Try getting into one of these critically acclaimed shows:


‘The Wire’

Hands down, the gold standard in crime television — but as the show goes on it becomes so much more than that, exploring the darker aspects of life in Baltimore schools and politics. The entire series is available to stream on HBO Go.


‘Breaking Bad’

Odds are you’ve probably already seen this beloved AMC show if you’re a crime TV buff, but just in case, the whole thing’s available to stream on Netflix. Even if you have seen it, personally I’ve always wondered what it’s like to go back after knowing how everything ends — maybe it’s worth a rewatch...



If you love that Gomorrah is filmed and set in Italy, you’ll probably also love Narcos, which is filmed in Colombia and focuses on the real-life story of Pablo Escobar. The show’s third season is currently expected to drop on Netflix in fall 2017, and in the meantime there are two seasons to catch up on.


‘The Sopranos’

The Wire might be the show everyone’s still obsessed with today, but The Sopranos is the show that made mob bosses popular in American television—and probably what loosely inspired the release of Gomorrah in the first place. You can watch the entire series on HBO Go.


‘The Shield’


At the time it was airing, I remember this show was all anyone would talk about. Now the hour-long drama about a dirty LA cop doesn’t spark quite as much reverence as The Wire or Breaking Bad, but it’s still worth watching. You can check it out on Hulu Plus.


‘Boardwalk Empire’

What’s better than a show about organized crime? A show about organized crime that’s set in Atlantic City during Prohibition, of course. Like so many other mob shows, you can check this one out on HBO Go.

Of course, watching other shows when you're craving one show in particular isn't a permanent solution, but on the upside you'll know that much more about the genre when you're done. And least Gomorrah will be coming back sometime next year. So you won't be waiting forever.