How To Get Your 'Jane The Virgin' Fix Until Season 4 Arrives

by Caroline Gerdes
Greg Gayne/The CW

Jane The Virgin's third season recently came to a close with a doozy of a cliffhanger, which TBH is a pretty regular occurrence on one of television's most fun shows. The Season 3 finale brought joy, romance, twists, and suspense, and while most episodes of the show are like this, the formula hasn't gotten old yet, thanks to the series' self-aware telenovela tropes and solid writing. But, the high risk, high reward cliffhanger style can be a bit of a nail-biter when it comes to finale episodes, and fans won't want to wait long to see the fallout from Jane The Virgin's May 22 cliffhanger. But just when does Jane The Virgin Season 4 return?

It's no surprise that the popular, award-winning series has been renewed for a fourth season. But, next fall, Jane will move from her Monday time slot to a new night, according to Entertainment Weekly's CW fall 2017 schedule. While a premiere date has not been set, the outlet confirmed that Jane The Virgin will be moving to Friday nights at 9 p.m. — in the time slot after Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

So while it's not yet known exactly how long fans will have to wait to find out (spoilers ahead) if Anezka pulls the trigger, how Rogelio balances fatherhood and his new marriage, and what's in store for Jane and Adam, viewers can rest assured that answers will be coming in just a few short months. In the meantime, fans can distract themselves with other series featuring familiar faces. Here are 11 shows to watch, all starring the Jane The Virgin cast.



Yael Grobglas, aka Petra, played Olivia D'Amencourt on the first season of the CW's historical fiction series, Reign. The show is loosely based on the life of Mary Stuart as she waited to marry Prince Francis and lived in the French court. Grobglas played an Italian noblewoman who had a history with Prince Francis. Reign has all of the soap opera twists and reveals that only a Jane fan could appreciate.


'Switched At Birth'

Before playing Jane's Abuela, Ivonne Coll played Daphne's legal grandmother/Bay's biological grandmother on Switched At Birth. The series picks up during the fallout of two teens realizing they were switched at birth, and it explores identity, race, wealth, disabilities, and family relationships through the vehicle of the switch. If you're into the mother/daughter dynamics of Jane The Virgin, Switched At Birth is worth the watch for its similar themes.



Coll also had a memorable grandmother arc on Glee, but this time she wasn't as lovable and accepting. She played Santana's grandmother, who disowned Santana after she came out the closet. But, you'll have to watch to see how their relationship evolves. If Jane The Virgin's music, fun, and spectacle are what draw you to the series, Glee will probably similarly dazzle you.



This Pretty Little Liars spin-off following Caleb's cursed fate only lasted one season. But, it did star a pre-Jane Brett Dier as Luke Matheson. The show piggy-backed a PLL Halloween episode, where Dier appeared as Matheson. If you're into shocking twists, and are jonesing for Jane and/or PLL, Ravenswood could be a good distraction.


'Bomb Girls'

Dier also starred in Global Television Network's Bomb Girls before Jane The Virgin. The series follows the women who filled factory jobs when men were fighting WWII and helped with the war effort. The show has feminist and workers' rights themes, so, if you watch Jane The Virgin for the girl power, you may like Bomb Girls.


'I Love Dick'

Yara Martinez, who plays Luisa, is a regular on Amazon's new series I Love Dick, which explores female desire. The show follows what happens when both husband and wife develop a fantasy and fall for the same man. The show is pretty sexy, so it's a good option if you are looking for something not-so virginal.


'Alpha House'

Alpha House is a satirical political comedy on Amazon which was inspired by the fact that actual legislators shared a rowhouse in DC. Martinez starred opposite Mark Consuelos on the series as his character's heiress girlfriend. (Martinez is also worth the watch in HBO's True Detective Season 2 and her upcoming superhero parody The Tick — wow, she's busy.)


'Army Wives'

Before she was Jane, Gina Rodriguez had a minor role as Marisol Evans on Army Wives Season 4. Rodriguez played an abused wife that the leading characters helped out of a bad situation. If you watch Jane The Virgin for the female camaraderie, Army Wives could be your next fave.


'Orange Is The New Black'

Diane Guerrero has been starring on both Orange Is The New Black and Jane The Virgin for the past several years. When she isn't working as Jane's best friend Lina, Guerrero is alongside Flaca at Litchfield Penitentiary. However different, both Jane and OITNB are feminist shows that are equally worth watching.


'White Collar'

Before she was a shape-shifting crime lord and murderer, Bridget Regan played a con artist and assassin who went by multiple aliases on White Collar. What a way to be typecast.


'Agent Carter'

Regan also starred on the gone-to-soon Marvel series Agent Carter as Dorothy Underwood. Again, she played a complex, murderous adversary to a strong heroine, just like on Jane.

Watch these shows while you wait for more Jane to come along.