Manny MUA Just Revealed The First Product In His Makeup Line & The Shades Are PERFECT

Beauty influencers and online makeup artists partnering with cosmetics brands for collabs is nothing new. It's actually fairly common. So is a digital influencer launching his or her own makeup brand — translating YouTube commenters, subscribers, and fans into customers. Manny MUA has shared two teases about his upcoming Lunar Beauty brand. Of course his fans and product lovers were speculating about what it meant. When he revealed the actual colors, they were perfect.

The MUA first posted a black and white photo of a big ol' pile of multi-toned powder the other day, hinting about what's on deck. But what powder product was he teasing? Blushes? Bronzers? Highlighters? Eyeshadows? Foundation? Contours? It could have been anything, since the greyed out filter obscured it.

The only thing that was certain was the texture. Fans were posting in the comments section. They were curious about what it was and posted their best guesses. Manny promised that he would reveal what the powders were after garnering a certain amount of followers to the official Lunar Beauty account.

But he also shared a major detail in the caption – the brand is launching in early June. This teaser represents the first product that will go on sale, too. Lunar Beauty is one step closer to being shoppable.

Here is the first powder tease and the launch month reveal. The pile of powder was so effective, since it was unclear if these were a bunch of colors for eyes or lights and darks for skin.

Upon hitting 175k followers, Manny MUA shared the color image. It's a rainbow of shades — red, blue, green, yellow, brown, and purple. Don't you want to dive in? It certainly looks like eyeshadows, thanks to the pigmentation and velvety vibe. Perhaps Manny MUA just told us that Lunar Beauty is launching with an eyeshadow palette... without really telling us Lunar Beauty is launching with an eyeshadow palette.

What keeps the influencer x beauty brand trend exciting is seeing how an influencer's aesthetic is translated into a product assortment. Manny MUA, who was born Manny Gutierrez and who has 4.5 million Insta followers, revealed his plans to launch Lunar Beauty a few months back. His beloved Mannyacs — as his fans are affectionately known — expressed rampant excitement about a Manny-curated line at the time.

That's because his looks are always lit and he has had success with previous collabs with OFRA (liquid matte lippies) and Makeup Geek (a gorgeous eyeshadow palette that the brand could not keep in stock).

Lunar Beauty will have Manny MUA's fingerprints all over it, as evidenced by this January tease. Mannyacs' thrill over Lunar Beauty has not waned at all. Here are some of the comments from the color reveal.

These users are glad to see such a bright yellow. They are seriously receptive to these eye-pleasing hues.

Manny-acs asked for further hints if the account reaches 200k followers. It's obvious that the excitement for Lunar Beauty is reaching a fevered pitch. Manny and his team undoubtedly understand the value of social media hype. Therefore, we can and should expect additional intel as we get closer to the June launch.

ICYMI, Manny MUA confirmed that Lunar Beauty will be a cruelty-free venture.

While the brand is slated to launch in early June, that plan can move back for a variety of unforeseen reasons. Production, packaging, and not-quite-perfect prototypes of the items can cause the date to be pushed back. So don't get mad at Manny if that does indeed happen. Regardless, there's a lot to be excited about on the Manny MUA horizon. Those adventurous, brightly-colored powders are something else!

Bring on the next tease, Manny MUA!