Get Out Your Tissues For When ‘Queen Sugar’ Comes Back For Season 3


Following a highly-anticipated mid-season premiere in early fall, Season 2 of Queen Sugar officially comes to an end on Nov. 15 with a two-hour finale event. After an explosive first season, Season 2 came back strong with more family drama and long-kept secrets revealed than ever before. As the finale looms, so does Blue's true paternity and Aunt Violet's lupus diagnosis There's bound to be a cliffhanger or two, so when is Queen Sugar returning for Season 3?

Unfortunately, no exact release date has been announced by the network. (Season 1 had its finale in November 2016, and Season 2 premiered in June of next year, for reference.) But, in July 2017 OWN announced that the show had been renewed for Season 3 ahead of the Season 2 mid-season premiere. Additionally, showrunner Ava DuVernay signed a first-look television and media deal with Oprah Winfrey, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m so proud of Ava and her ability as a filmmaker to challenge the status quo and push for inclusiveness onscreen and behind the camera," Winfrey, CEO of both OWN and Harpo Films, said in a statement. "I love, love, love the work we have been able to create so far. I am looking forward to developing many more meaningful projects together."

This season Ralph Angel struggled to prove the other Bordelon siblings that he was responsible and capable enough to run the family farm on his own. But once he finally made some headway, his fiancé Darla dropped the devastating news that their son might not be his. Meanwhile, Charley adjusted to life in the south after divorcing her basketball star husband, relocating to Saint Josephine, and striking up a relationship with local bachelor Remy. But an unexpected visit from her mother Lorna quickly opened up old wounds for Nova and Aunt Vi and threatened to unravel Charley's new life. Nova, on the other hand, grappled with a new love interest who continuously made her question the way she did advocacy work in the community causing her to lose herself in the process. But the most devastating arc of this season was that of family "matriarch" Aunt Vi who was diagnosed with lupus right on the brink of launching her pie-baking business.


Much like Season 1, every episode of Season 2 was helmed by a female director. This included the legendary Julie Dash who directed both of the two mid-season premiere episodes. Queen Sugar's continuous commitment to diversity in front of and behind the camera is what sets it apart from many other shows on television today. This practice may have even inspired other shows to do the same. Jessica Jones, for example, will utilize all-female directors too in its upcoming season. Additionally to Queen Sugar's breathtaking visuals, its dynamic storytelling touches on real issues of today, such as police brutality and overcoming addiction.

"There is fresh air and room to roam [at OWN]," DuVernay said to The Hollywood Reporter in the piece referenced earlier. "There is an artist-driven atmosphere and an intention to share stories that nourish. There is a spirit of inclusivity and imagination moving at all times. This is the new era of OWN. I'm thrilled to continue to collaborate with Ms. Winfrey as we expand the scope of our storytelling. And I feel fortunate to be a small part of this network at such a wonderful time in its evolution." So the director will be telling even more stories on this network, to complement Queen Sugar's depth.

After an extremely emotional season, tissues will most definitely be required for Nov. 15's finale event. And fans can only hope that any cliffhangers left in its wake are quickly resolved next year.