'Shameless' Season 9 Is Officially A Go

Brian Bowen Smith/SHOWTIME

Life is never dull for the Gallagher family. And, with the Season 8 finale of Shameless (series writing in part by: Dominique Morisseau) looming on Jan. 28, fans are bound to be wondering when this dysfunctional gang will return. After all, what will you do with your Sunday evening if you're not spending it with some of the most fascinating ne'er-do-wells on the south side? So, when does Season 9 of Shameless premiere?

Unfortunately there is no official date set or at least announced yet for a Season 9 return, but that is probably because Season 8 has not officially ended yet. The good news here is that there has been official confirmation of a renewal for Season 9, so it is happening but just at a date and time to be determined. Per Variety, it was renewed pretty quickly back in November 2017, when Season 8 premiered as the series' most watched premiere since Season 3. The episode drew in 1.86 million viewers on the Sunday night that it aired. Not too shabby for a show that is venturing towards double digit season numbers.

Hopefully it will be a fairly short wait between now and another season of Shameless. Previous seasons have mostly premiered in January, but the previous two premiered in October and November, so maybe Season 9 will see a late fall 2018 premiere date. But since the official answer is still up in the air, maybe it would be a good idea to check out some of the things that the cast is up to in 2018, to satiate your need for some Lip and Fiona.

Emmy Rossum

Emmy is busy being a fierce goddess and just premiered a film at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. The movie, called A Futile and Stupid Gesture is on Netflix and tells the hilarious story of the creators of the National Lampoon franchise back in the '70s and '80s. She joins Will Forte and Joel McHale in the project.

Cameron Monaghan

Cameron shocked fans of Gotham when his character Jerome returned from what appeared to be death on the series. Now, he is busy teasing Gotham fans on Twitter about his character and it is actually hilarious to watch. He seems to be having a lot of fun being mysterious and vague, while also giving some decent clues to who his character really is.

Jeremy Allen White

Lip has a new film coming out called Shotgun. The premise, according to Deadline, is that a couple engage in an extremely sped-up relationship when one of them is diagnosed with a life-changing illness. He will star alongside Maika Monroe

Emma Kenney

Emma landed another huge role on another potentially huge series for 2018. Per The Hollywood Reporter, she will be starring in the Roseanne reboot as Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and David's (Johnny Galecki) daughter Harris.

Isidora Goreshter

Another Shameless star with a Sundance Film Festival entry to her credit this year. Isidora stars in Clara's Ghost, a dark comedy which also stars Haley Joel Osment and all four of the Elliots (Abby, Bridley, Chris and Paul).

I know these projects are not exactly the same as having a premiere date for more Shameless, but, to be fair, Season 8 has barely had its time in the sun and there is a confirmed Season 9 on the way. Now, at the very least, there are a bunch of awesome projects featuring your favorite Gallagher family members to keep you busy until the date to be determined. So, why not make sure you support this cast of lovable weirdos in all their endeavors, even if they are not exactly shameless.