‘Snowfall’ Will Keep Exploring Untold American History In Season 2

Ray Mickshaw/FX

Becoming a fan of a new series, like the coming-of-age crime drama Snowfall on FX, is always a risk. What it it never comes back, and the story doesn't get the ending it deserves after a stellar first season? Fortunately, Deadline reported that Snowfall will return for Season 2, thanks to an early pickup from the network. More episodes are on the way, but the wait could be significant.

UPDATE: FX announced in May that Snowfall Season 2 will premiere on July 19.

EARLIER: Season 1 took its time developing this particular period of recent Los Angeles history, as well as the characters. With three main storylines to follow, it's a difficult balance to strike. And the team behind the series are going to keep the momentum up in Season 2.

“We would certainly like to hit Season 2 very much with the ground running," said co-creator Dave Andron at the Television Critics Association, according to Deadline. Executive producer Tommy Schlamme couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to continue the series. “It’s the privilege of getting to watch [the cast] act more,” Schlamme said, “and getting these guys to write more. But it’s really this phenomenal ensemble cast that we’ve put together.”

That early renewal definitely helps get the wheels turning, but Variety expects Snowfall to return in 2018 at the earliest. It's possible that FX will go with what worked the first time, and bring the show back in the summer. If FX decides to move the series to early spring or even fall of 2018, an announcement will surely be forthcoming.

More importantly, this renewal could be setting up Snowfall for a long, healthy run. The series, which tells the story of the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980s, is important from an historical perspective. The storytelling ground is largely unbroken in this medium, so there's room for Snowfall to go on for years and years.

"A lot of things that are happening in this show have only being chronicled in music," co-creator John Singleton said at the afore-mentioned TCA panel, "specifically in West Coast hip-hop in the last 30 years. So I think the younger people are looking at it serendipitously as, this is the kind of, like, the lore that they’ve heard about, but never seen depicted.”

In the meantime, the Sept. 6 Season 1 finale is sure to have some twists and turns to make fans eager for more. While 2018 is a long way away, the next chapter of Snowfall will hopefully be worth the wait.