The New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Will Deal Directly With The ‘Endgame’ Fallout

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Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame. When Thanos snapped his fingers at the end of Avengers: Infinity War and dusted half of the population of the universe, MCU fans lost some of their most beloved characters. One of the most painful losses of that rapture was that of darling Peter Parker (Tom Holland), whose desperate pleas in the arms of Tony Stark were nothing short of tragic. Thankfully, the events of Endgame have undone that loss. Yes, folks, it happened. Our determined Avengers undid Thanos' snap, and those who were lost returned, including Spider-Man. His sequel is up next, so when does Spider-Man: Far From Home take place, in relation to Endgame?

There's a pretty big time jump in Endgame itself, so the un-snapping brought those lost in 2018 back to life five years later, in 2023. Though no time has passed for those returning, the world is five years older, and much different than when they left it. With Peter staying the same age, but the events of Endgame ending in 2023, fans are now wondering where the next MCU movie fits. Spider-Man: Far From Home opens on July 5 this year, and officially closes out Phase 3 of the MCU, AV Club reports. With viewers still reeling from Endgame, Peter Parker's adventures abroad could have a deeper meaning.

Though time travel plays a big part in Endgame, it sounds like our favorite superheroes are done traveling through time for a while. Sony producer Amy Pascal told Fandom back in June of 2017 that Spider-Man: Far From Home starts, "a few minutes after [Endgame] wraps as a story." Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige also confirmed that fact to IGN, saying Far From Home will find Peter Parker trying to figure out, "What is it like to try to go back to a normal life after what happens in [Infinity War]?" So it sounds like Spider-Man and his returned friends are staying in 2023.

So what does that mean for Peter and his pals from Spider-Man: Homecoming? At the end of Endgame, Peter returns to high school and reunites with his friend Ned (Jacob Batalon), who seems shocked yet thrilled to see him. Zendaya's Michelle Jones AKA MJ also returns for Far From Home, as seen in the trailer. Just how many of Peter's classmates from Homecoming are returning for Far From Home? Looking at the cast lists on IMDB, in addition to Ned and MJ, Liz (Laura Harrier), Betty (Angourie Rice), and Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori) are all coming back, too. So in order for these kids to all be going on a high school trip together, that theoretically means they were all snapped away, and returned at the same time, doomed to have to complete high school despite the fact that a number of their classmates have already graduated and grown into their 20s.

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Hopefully Spider-Man: Far From Home will address the time jump and some of the issues that come along with such a dramatic change. As if being a teenager isn't heavy enough, imagine having to deal with the fact that you missed five years of the world, half of the people you know are five years older than they were yesterday, the world has been ravaged by an alien with an agenda, and you were in some kind of existential nightmare dusted limbo for that whole time. At least Peter Parker was more prepared for that than most of his classmates.