When Does 'The Bachelorette' 2017 Officially Start? Rachel's First Episode Came Early

Randy Holmes/ABC

In a truly historic event Monday on After the Final Rose, brand new Bachelorette Rachel got to meet the first of many men who will be competing for her heart. It looks like Chris Harrison was finally telling the truth when he teased Bachelor Nation for hours about an amazing surprise that would knock out socks off (although, I believe he said it would effect our Spanx more than anything, which, OK). Rachel got to meet some Bachelorette contestants. So, I am sure a lot of people may be confused about when Rachel's season of The Bachelorette officially starts, because it is not tonight.

We may have been given a tiny little taste but don't get too involved just yet. After the first couple of men, Harrison shut it down until the season officially begins on May 22, 2017. So it is then that we will get the full picture of what Rachel is really working with. This surprise beginning to the season was definitely a fun twist and, since it hasn't been done before, it was fresh and brought some fun spontaneity to the same old formula.

If you enjoyed what you saw tonight on After The Final Rose, make sure you tune in for Rachel's season of The Bachelorette only a couple of months away.

I already see some potential frontrunners in the bunch and I think Rachel did as well. It is surely going to be a fun season to watch.