Who Are The Men From Rachel’s 'Bachelorette'?

Rick Rowell/ABC

Well, when Chris Harrison says to expect a historic moment on The Bachelor, he really delivers. In a first for the show (so many of those this season!) Rachel met her Bachelorette contestants early. Chris Harrison brought in a fake mansion backdrop and several contestants got out of the limo to meet Rachel. That's right, her Bachelorette season started RIGHT NOW. She was certainly shocked (or a great actor) and seemed a little thrown off that she would meet her contestants so early. In the end she only met four of them, but they provided a great sneak peek at her upcoming season.

The Bachelorette doesn't actually premiere until May 22, but now we have some people to talk about to tide us over until then. The four men Rachel got to meet included two white men and two black men, which is a tentatively good sign for increases diversity this season, though I'll wait until the final cast list to really comment on that. For now, we met four really cool men. Well, three cool men and someone who made an absolutely TERRIBLE joke about race. Hopefully that trend dies tonight. Anyway, here's who Rachel talked to on night one.


First out of the live TV limo was Demario, who charmed Rachel instantly. He told her he was "extremely" excited to meet her, and fans were instantly taken with him.


Next up was Blake, who kissed Rachel's hand and hugged her a lot and was generally very nervous. I don't blame him though a live limo exit is as much pressure as there gets!


He dropped a very bad joke the second he stepped out of the limo telling Rachel he was "ready to go black and never go back," which Rachel politely laughed at, but I cringed so hard at.


The final man Rachel met was Eric, who charmed Rachel with his smooth words, telling her that "what's meant to be will be" on her "miracle season." He's my fav so far, because he also danced with Rachel and she was clearly feeling him.

If this was just the first four of Rachel's guys I can't wait to see what the rest of her cast is like. I have a feeling it's going to be a great season.