The Future Of 'The Good Fight' Is Looking Bright

Patrick Harbron/CBS

No matter how many times you go through it, it never gets easier: the sense of dread you get approaching the final episode of a season of your favorite TV show, not knowing when — or if — you'll get more. Will The Good Fight be renewed for Season 2? If so, when will the second season premiere? It's the eternal question… and with the Season 1 finale of the CBS All Access legal procedural approaching this Sunday, it's one many people are probably asking themselves right about now. Fortunately for fans, it's also a question that's pretty easy to answer.

In fact, CBS has already officially announced that the series will be back for more. The Good Fight was renewed for Season 2 back in March, after the series had aired only five episodes. The fact that the network renewed it only halfway through its first 10-episode season speaks to CBS' confidence in their All Access flagship program. Some networks wait until a season has aired in its entirety to decide a show's fate (Netflix notoriously makes audiences wait months after a show has finished airing to officially announce a decision), so this news will likely come as a relief to anxious Good Fight viewers.

Patrick Harbron/CBS

It's kind of remarkable how well the show has done when you really think about it. It never should have worked: a spinoff of The Good Wife without the good wife herself; the guinea pig series for a brand new streaming network that had never produced original content before; and a show with not one, not two, but (*gasp!*) three female leads. But The Good Fight Season 1 has been nothing if not a rousing success, taking everything that was great about The Good Wife… and arguably making it even better. (The series currently has an extremely rare 100 percent on RottenTomatoes.)

With the question of The Good Fight's renewal out of the way, the only issue that remains is how long we'll have to wait for more episodes. Season 1 was unusually short: 10 episodes, much more akin to cable series like Game Of Thrones than the network-standard 22 episodes that The Good Wife ran on CBS proper. With such a short season, is it possible that we could get two seasons in a year? Since this is the first-ever CBS All Access series, no precedent has been set yet; it seems reasonable that they might fast-track a second batch of episodes, right?

Patrick Harbron/CBS

Sadly, no. When it announced the show's renewal, Deadline also confirmed that The Good Fight Season 2 will premiere in "early 2018" — aka, probably right around the same time of year that Season 1 premiered (mid-February). While it's a bit of a bummer to learn that we'll have to wait a whopping 10 months or so until the next season, at least we know there will be another season to look forward to. Because, honestly, the idea of a future without more Diane Lockhart, Lucca Quinn, Maia Rindell, Marissa Gold, and Elsbeth Tascioni is not a future that I want to face.