MAC x Puma Teased A Collection & The Internet Already Cannot Wait


There are powerhouse collabs and then there is this. MAC and Puma just teased a collaboration and there's just no way that this mashup can't or won't be epi … whatever "it" is! The collaboration was announced via a teaser video posted on the official MAC Instagram on Nov. 5 with the caption, "Your favourite hues take a big step in a whole new direction! Stay tuned for a kickin' collaboration, coming soon."

The MAC logo, the iconic leaping Puma cat, and a sneaker silhouette are all prominently featured in the short but revelatory video. The clip confirms that this mashup is slated to arrive in 2018, though it doesn't state an exact date But it's going to be a minute, so have some patience.

Bustle reached out to both MAC and Puma for additional comment.

Regardless, the internet is already here for MAC x Puma, and has also been developing theories about what the collection will comprise. Fans have also given rise to the concept of "PUMAC" as an official name for the collab, which is pretty legit.

It would make sense to assume that MAC products will take on Puma branding for the collab, with a collection wholly inspired by the brand's dope AF streetwear aesthetic.

But there are two key clues in the black and white teaser that have us thinking Puma sneakers or attire might be getting a MAC makeover, or a "MAC-over," too.

Since there is a sneaker outline in the clip and the brand refers to MAC "hues" going in a new direction in the caption of the video, making it seem like fashion footwear is also involved. It's quite likely that classic Puma shoes (or "kicks") will be reimagined in the most popular MAC colors, like the crimson Ruby Woo or the hot pink Candy Yum Yum or the nude Velvet Teddy.

MAC has teamed up with tons of notable people and brands in the past, from pop star Brooke Candy to now-defunct fashion brand Heatherette. However, it feels like MAC x Puma will be rewriting the script on brand mashups.

Let's not forget that Rihanna, who serves as the creative director of Puma and has invigorated the brand with her snazzy threads and creepers, previously collaborated with MAC for her own collection of products. She was also the face of the brand's annual VIVAGLAM campaign a few years back, too. Her history with MAC is deep and their aesthetics are complimentary, so teaming up again makes complete and total sense.

Right now, all we can do is guess. And that's exactly what people are doing in the comments section. Fans are so ready for "PUMAC" they can hardly control themselves.

Users have a lot of emotions about the collab. They are also coining the "PUMAC" term, as well as confirming that they love the idea of pairing these two brands. Just imagine the possibilities ...

There's both excitement and curiosity about what these two behemoth brands plan to pull off. No doubt it will be epic.

Two vital things in life. The sign up sheet it making its way around, class.

Who else echoes this statement? It's arousing curiosity for sure. But whatever it is, we want it!

With Puma and MAC, the final product will most definitely be something that we want and need. But will "PUMAC" prettify our faces, our feet, or both? That all remains to be seen.

The brand did respond to some fan questions about "PUMAC," albeit with some critic info about what is to come. Judging from the initial reaction, MAC x Puma is going to be one of 2018's definitive mashups.