This Black Rose Brush Set Will Bring Out Your Inner Goth

by Kali Borovic

It's the time of the year when drinks, food, and decorations get a spooky upgrade. Now your makeup bag can, too. Storybook Cosmetics created a Black Rose Brush Set just in time for Halloween. The design might look familiar, but there's never been version quite like this.

Storybook Cosmetics is constantly coming up with quirky products that stick to their unconventional theme. So far they've created eyeshadow palettes that look like books, wand-shaped makeup brushes, and even a liner-and-brush combo that look like quill and ink. This time they're taking their Rose Brushes to a spooky new level. Because you didn't think they'd skip out on the holiday, did you?

The Black Rose Brush Set is the same shape as their original red brushes, but the coloring is perfect for the Halloween holiday. The handle of the brushes are black, and the bristles go from black to red at the top. Whether you're a fan of the Halloween or just love edgy makeup tools, you really can't go wrong with this buy.

There is some trick to this treat though. Unfortunately, the brush set is limited edition. According to Storybook Cosmetics' Instagram page, the Black Rose Brush Set will be available on Oct. 10. That's all the info that they have given so far.

Bustle reached out to see what time, how much, and for how long the brushes will be available.

The fun doesn't stop at the gorgeous ombréd brushes, either. The set will come in a Halloween themed red rose bag as well, as the Instagram photo makes it seem. Each one of the brand's sets come with a different holder to put them in, but none have been this stunning.

Storybook Cosmetics' Rose Brush Set was the company's second brush set, after their tools shapes like wizard wands. The founders teased a gold and white brush set that was given out at a sister's wedding, but this is the first time that the brand has official changed the colors for the public.

This isn't technically a surprise product though. The company loves to tease their fans and have them weigh in on certain aspects of their creations. They've actually been teasing aspects of the new brush set since July.

As you probably already guessed, fans are going crazy over the design. Like all great limited edition launches, these are sure to sell out extremely fast. Especially if these fan reactions have anything to say for it.

As if the comment didn't already reflect the excitement, there's the caps to solidify it.

Surprise! Storybook Cosmetics is here to take all of your money again!

Because even goth witches have makeup needs. Duh.

Even better than the original? Now that is a very bold statement.

If nothing else, you can still stick them in a vase on your windowsill. After all, they're never die!

Hmm. Honestly, a dedicated tab isn't too bad of an idea.

Of course, there are some critiques when it comes to the makeup brushes. This is the internet, after all. When the company first teased them, they made it seem like the entire product would be black. Now, some fans are saying they don't care for the red tips of the bristles. You can't please everyone, I guess.

On the flip side, some people are begging the company to come out with matching eyeshadow brushes, too. Some even want to see them as a permanent part of the collection.

Either way, these are pretty much guaranteed to be another best seller for the brand. Be sure to set your alarms if you want to goth-ifiy your makeup bag.