Violet Voss's New All Matte Palette Is Coming Soon

If you're a fan of YouTube beauty gurus, there's a chance you know who Laura Lee is. If you're a fan, you probably own her palette with Violet Voss. The brand, however, doesn't just know how to make a bomb collab, though. The new Violet Voss Matte About You Palette is coming, and you'll be wanting to add another product by the brand to your makeup collection as soon as possible.

While the brand has their Ride or Die Eyeshadow Palette as well as the HG Eyeshadow palette, the Matte About You palette will be the first from the brand that exclusively features matte shades. The decision makes sense considering that while shimmers are great for a variety of looks, the all matte trend still seems to be popular, and the Matte About You palette is going to help fans achieve any matte look they want.

According to the Violet Voss instagram account, the palette is set to launch on Thurs. April 6 which means that fans have only a little over a week until they can snag the collection of shades. Inside, fans will find 20 matte shadows in a variety of warm and cool tones perfect for neutral or smoky looks.

What time should fans set their alarms for if they want to snag one of the palettes? They're set to debut at 1 pm ET/3 pm PT. While some products may launch early in the day, the Violet Voss palette will allow you to create a warm smoky eye and sleep in.

As for the price, the palette will run you $45, a price familiar to fans of palettes with this many shadows inside. Plus, the Violet Voss Matte About You palette is perfect for travel. With neutrals perfect for every day, and shades perfect for a smoky look, it's ideal.

If you want to shop the Violet Voss Matte About You palette, you've only got a few days to wait. Every day shades and a matte texture are never a bad combination, and it seems like the brand has another hit on their hands.