Good American’s First Denim Jacket Is On The Way

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Good American

Good American is keeping the must-have spring pieces coming. Not only are they releasing the jeans you’ll be wearing all season long, they’re also constantly coming out with never-before-seen styles. When is Good American’s Oversized Denim Jacket Blue035 coming out? Get ready to shop the first-ever long sleeved option to launch from the brand!

As soon as the cold weather clears out, it’ll finally be time to ditch that thick outerwear once and for all! So, what will complete all of your outfits once your parka’s all tucked away in your closet? A denim jacket, of course. And if you’re looking for an easy-to-wear piece you can throw on with anything and everything, Good American has got you covered.

According to a press release, you’ll be able to purchase the jacket on the Good American website on Mar. 16. It’ll have an oversized fit that will match your relaxed vibe this season. As usual for the brand, it’ll come in a pretty wide range of sizes. You’ll have to shell out $265 to own the piece, but considering it’s the only thing you’ll need to layer with sundresses, tees and more as long as the warm weather lasts, it's potentially worth the price tag.

This light wash jean item will be the perfect accompaniment to all of your seasonal garments. It even looks great paired with this mini skirt, which also launches on Mar. 16, BTW.


Be ready to shop these items and more on Mar. 16.

Courtesy Good American

This will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. Not bad for their first outerwear design, huh?

Courtesy Good American

Mini skirts and more spring-ready pieces are on their way, too. So, get ready for to fill your closet with Good American!

Courtesy Good American

Cut-Offs White 004, $139, Good American

Shorts you'll love to slip into are already available to shop on the site, so if you haven't already loaded your cart on the Good American website, get ready to do just that!