When Is Pandora's New Disney Collection Out? Save This Page Because You're Going To Want It All


If you love Disney, there are lots of collaborations out there to satisfy your need for all things magical. But the brand's latest partnership with Pandora, which features the most adorable charms, might just be their most covetable one yet. So, when is Pandora's Disney collection out and what do the new charms look like?

Well, the amazing news is that you can start shopping right now. The cute-as-a-button new Disney collection hit Pandora's website on Tuesday. The collection will also be available at Pandora stores, as well as in Pandora retailers such as Argento and Jewel Hut. I know where I'll be spending my lunch break...

As well as being super sweet, the collection is also very budget-friendly. Everything is under £80, and the range begins at a purse-friendly £30. SOLD. With Christmas coming up, I can't imagine anything sweeter to give the Disney mega fan in your life. If you have nieces or nephews who love Disney (and what child doesn't, realistically?) any of these charms is sure to go down a treat.

Plenty of familiar Disney faces feature in the collection, from Jiminy Cricket to Pinocchio, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, and even Snow White's bird pal. The new additions join Pandora's Winnie The Pooh line, which, unsurprisingly has been incredibly popular with Disney addicts.

Here are my top five pieces from the collection:

Disney Bambi Pendant Charm


Oh Bambi. There's nothing more heartbreaking as a child than watching the scene where Bambi's Mum dies in the Disney classic. But there's also nothing more uplifting than watching him later find love (sob). This little charm reminds us of the heartwarming story with all the happiness and sadness that comes with it.

Disney Tinker Bell's Shoe Pendant Charm


From her wisdom to her flawless blonde up-do and chic-as-hell strapless green gown, Tinkerbell has to be the sassiest Disney character there ever was. This adorable little charm features a wash of green and a little pearl detailing on the tip of the shoe. Love. It.

Disney Evil Queen's Magic Mirror Pendant Charm


Name a more iconic baddie than the Evil Queen in Snow White & The Seven Dwarves. No? I didn't think so. Celebrating one of Disney's best-known scenes ("Mirror, mirror on the wall..."), this is a reminder that good always trumps evil (or something along those lines).

Disney Daisy Duck Pendant Charm


I totally forgot about Daisy Duck. Obviously everyone remembers Donald, but Daisy is 1000x cuter if you ask me. Especially in this little charm. Just check out those eyelashes and that bow. Utterly adorbs.

The Disney collection is available to shop now on the Pandora website.