Starbucks’ Happy Hour Is Back & This Time Even More Drinks Are Half Off


Springtime is all about finishing work early so that you can take full advantage of all the happy hours you missed out on during the winter — amirite? And I'm not talking about any old happy hours at any old bars, I'm talking about a caffeinated happy hour — one that leaves you feeling more energized than when you left the office, giving you a boost to take full advantage of the extra hours of sunlight. You'll want to know when Starbucks' happy hour in 2018 is, because it's totally different this year — and an even greater excuse to leave work early. Plus, it's the only kind of happy hour that you probably never regret the next morning.

Since 2010, Starbucks has been hosting a Frappuccino-centric Happy Hour in the spring and summer, during which time the ice blended beverages are sold at half-price for a few hours in the late afternoon. It was always a special — but niche! — warm weather afternoon treat. But this year, starting Thursday, March 29, they're changing up the Happy Hour program to accommodate a variety of drink orders in any size, served hot or cold, with espresso, iced tea, Frappuccino and more. And (this is the most exciting part) they're extending the promotion throughout the entire year. Does it sound too good to be true? OK, there's a slight catch — it's invitation only.


Lucky for you, it's not that hard to nab an invite. If you have the Starbucks mobile app or you're a Starbucks Rewards loyalty member, you're invited. Yes, really, it's that easy. So if there was ever a reason to join the program, this is it! Joining the rewards program will not only get you access to the Happy Hour discounts, but it will also keep you in the loop for all other promotions so that you're the first to hear about it. Aka, if there's ever an opportunity for you to save at Starbucks, you'll find it as a member. If you engage with Starbucks digitally, i.e., they send you emails or you get notifications through your Starbucks app, you should be notified about the Happy Hour happenings directly.

And, starting this month, if you log on to Starbucks' WiFi, you'll be asked to provide an email address that will automatically sign you up to hear about rewards, discounts and happenings.

If you're not a rewards member and have no digital connection to Starbucks, you can head to where you can RSVP and get your Happy Hour invitation! All you have to do is type in your name, your email address and your zip code and you're added to the guest list. You'll be redirected to a page that gives you a promo code — this is what you show to your barista to access your Happy Hour discount.

The offer can only be redeemed after 3 p.m., starting Thursday, March 29,(perhaps the earliest happy hour, ever?!) and cannot be combined with other offers, so spread out your coupons wisely! The code you get will be a one time use, so you'll have to wait until you get your next promotion via email or via the app notification center to take advantage of more offers. But, like I said before, this new feature is going to be available year round, so you can get your Happy Hour on through the fall and winter, too. And considering the fact that you're going to need to provide your email address to use the WiFi at Starbucks now, you might as well just sign up for the rewards program so you can collect credits and streamline your order and pay process. Sharing your email address in exchange for a half-off drink seems pretty fair to me. And if you decide you want to opt out of getting promotional emails, you can always unsubscribe.