Tia Mowry’s Latest Update About The ‘Sister, Sister’ Reboot Will Make Fans So Antsy

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With all the talk of reboots happening lately, fans of The WB circa the late '90s were ecstatic when news broke that a Sister, Sister reboot is in the works. And since the good news has already been confirmed by the show's own cast, fans are starting to get a little antsy when it comes to figuring out when the Sister, Sister reboot is actually happening — but according to one of the show's stars, Tia Mowry, it might be a while before everyone's burning questions are answered in more depth.

Just the thought of Sister, Sister making its way back to television is probably filling your heart with as many emotions as it's filling your head with questions. Right about now you're probably wondering what the series will make of the twins' grown-up lives if we're to see them on the small screen again. On top of that, there's also the question of casting, and if characters like the twins' annoying but well-meaning neighbor Roger (Marques Houston) will return to the series.

Giving a little more clarity, Tia discussed the exciting project with Us Weekly earlier this week, making it clear that fans aren't the only ones desperate for more answers, because even she hasn't gotten an update on all of the details since the news was first announced. She explained,

"The thing that I can tell you is we're trying everything that we can possibly do to make everybody happy and the fans happy. The thing is there's no new news that I can report to you, but it's not dead."

You hear that? The great news is that this is definitely happening, and we're not all just getting our hopes up for nothing. But Tia followed up by clarifying, "There's a hurdle we have to jump" before the reboot can really be a go.

Tia added,

"There's only one other hurdle and once we jump this hurdle, it's on and cracking. We just have to wait until that kind of fleshes itself out... We have the writers. We have everything. Everything is in place, so we're going to be taking meetings in the next few months, so we'll see."

Obviously, not much is being said about what this hurdle is, but it's possible that everyone involved with the project is deep in thought about a number of critical details like how they'll manage to revive the show's storyline, what network the show will air on, and most importantly, how the show will go about telling the characters' stories in today's political climate. Whatever it is, there's a strong possibility that it'll affect when fans should expect to get their first glimpse of the reboot.

Sister, Sister originally ran on The WB (now The CW) for four of the sitcom's six seasons. In case you weren't a big fan, the show tells the story of two identical twins (Tia and Tamera Mowry) who were separated at birth, but manage to find their way back to each other during a chance encounter at a mall at the age of 14. The series made its debut in April 1994 before officially ending its run in 1999.

Jackée Harry – who played Lisa, Tia's adoptive mother, on the show — first revealed the big news about the reboot during a recent appearance on Steve Harvey's talk show. Harvey asked the 61-year-old actor about the rumors of a revival when she happily responded with, "Yeah, it's happening." She added,

"I'm excited. Tia and Tamara are my babies. They won't leave me alone. I can't get rid of none of these women!"

So it's safe to say that fans of the show definitely aren't the only ones who are totally on board with the show's revival. Hopefully it'll only be just a matter of time before all the details start to flesh out.