When Is Venus Retrograde For 2017?

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If you start to feel like you're in an episode of the Twilight Zone, Venus retrograde might be to blame. So, it's important to know: when exactly is Venus retrograde? The latest of the planets to turn retrograde in 2017 happens from Mar. 4 to Apr. 15. While Mercury retrograde gets most of the attention because it happens several times a year, and has a reputation for messing up communications, technology and finances — other planets go retrograde too.

Venus is the planet most often associated with love, and Venus retrograde occurs for approximately 40 to 43 days every 18 months. According to Forever Conscious, Venus retrograde is significant because of its rarity. While Venus retrograde officially kicked into gear Mar. 4, Venus has been slowing down since Jan. 31.

"Since the end of January, Venus entered into the 'shadow' period, which is a time when Venus starts preparing to go retrograde. On this preparation day, Venus usually sends a message and highlights what the retrograde lessons may be for you," a post on Forever Conscious states. "Venus is also the celestial body in charge of your heart center and your gut. Because of this, Venus retrogrades are often deeply healing and help to awaken your heart to a new understanding of divine love."

So you might want to re-examine what's been going on for your since the end of January.

According to Integral Astrology, the 40 days of the Venus retrograde cycle appear to show up in other places aside from astrology, although not at the time when Venus is actually retrograde.

"There are 40 days in the Christian Lenten season, leading up to Easter, and there are also 40 days in the Muslim month of Ramadan, and I can’t help but notice that in the story of Noah, it rained for 40 days, and the time of the Jews wandering the desert was 40 years (what astrologers would call a 'progressed Venus retrograde')," Integral Astrology states.

Because these times are associated with purification and repentance, Integral Astrology notes that it’s interesting that after the retrograde Venus will no longer be the evening star but will emerge as the morning star. In the past some astrologers took this as an ominous sign. This might be because the 40 days when Venus was retrograde were initially viewed as a time to prepare for the planet's emergence as the morning star and the associated troubles.

Even though Venus retrogrades about every 18 months, the retrogrades themselves connect during eight year cycles, according to Kelly's Astrology.

Through the course of one lifetime, Venus only retrogrades in five signs:

  1. Gemini – May/June 2004 + May/June 2012
  2. Capricorn/early Aquarius – December 2005/January 2006 + December 2013/January 2014
  3. Leo/early Virgo – July toSeptember 2007 + July to September 2015
  4. Aries – March/April 2009 + March/April 2017
  5. Late Libra/Scorpio – October/November 2010 + October/November 2018

"Occurring in just five parts of the Zodiac, Venus’ retrogrades trace out a five-pointed star — the pentagram or pentacle (the five-pointed star inside a circle)," according to Kelly's Astrology. "This symbol is a potent Venus image."

Additionally, Taurus and Libra are particularly sensitive to Venus retrograde. According to Evolving Door Astrology, the Libra side of Venus represent allies and enemies while the Taurus side of Venus represents our internal balance sheet.

"Libra and Taurus may seem as different as chalk and cheese, yet they are both ruled by the same planet: Venus. The mythology of Venus seems to reflect this dual nature. The Greeks saw Aphrodite as a goddess of love and beauty, which reflects Libra traits. The Romans saw Venus as an agricultural goddess of gardens and vineyards, which sounds more like Taurus," Evolving Door Astrology states.

What does this mean? Evolving Door Astrology explains that during Venus retrograde Libra acts as bridge that generates an inter-personal energy to provide points of view not available to the individual. Taurus takes a very down-to-earth view of both the tangible and intangible things in life. Venus' Taurus nature can see the value and worth inside any person, thing or situation, and can appreciate it for its true worth.

So Libra and Taurus should pay particular attention to impulses during the next 40 days. If you're not a Taurus or Libra, you can still be affected based on the rest of your chart, or because of the relationships you have with these two signs.

The good news? Venus retrograde has the shortest duration of all planets that go retrograde so the madness won't last long.

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