UK Fans Will Be Waiting A LONG While For Christian Bale's Dick Cheney Biopic

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Sometimes following politics might lead you to think that it is all some sort of dark political comedy act. Actually that in itself is why political history often makes for a bloomin' good movie subject. And let me tell you, one hot upcoming film for all of those politically inclined is Vice. But when is Vice out in the UK? Because this movie looks like just the tonic at a time like this, because if you don't laugh you will cry, right?

Well, sadly the Telegraph reports we have to wait until February 1 to see it over here in Blighty but I assure you, it's worth the wait. The film tells the story of Dick Cheney, who was the vice president to George W Bush. Oh and not just any old VP — Cheney is thought of as one of the most powerful vice president in American history, for all kinds of reasons.

The film is written, directed, and produced by the very talented Adam McKay, who is best known for his pretty incredible laundry list of comedy hits. If you need an idea of the comedic genius we are dealing with here, let's talk Anchorman, Tammy, and Ibiza. Yep, this man knows his way around being funny, and this film is set to be a dark and hilarious look at a not-so-funny time in our history.

I'll give you ten guesses who is playing Cheney, after taking a good look at stills from the film. Guys, you just won't get it. Honestly, it is absolutely bonkers. Believe it or not, that is Batman himself, Christian Bale. Yes, he has undergone a significant physical transformation in order to play the main man himself in this hotly anticipated biopic. Speaking at the Toronto Film Festival, he said he joked that he did this by "eating a lot of pies," the Independent reports.

The actor has kind of carved out a name for himself as someone who pushes his body to extreme limits for his roles. Take for example how he lost 65 pounds in The Machinist, to play a man suffering with insomnia so severe that he effectively wasted away. As the BBC reports, Bale claimed he lived off one apple and one tin of tuna a day, which you can believe when you see the movie. And is there an Oscar buzz re his performance in Vice? Oh, of course there flipping is.

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Bale isn't the only recognisable actor in this hotly anticipated movie. Amy Adams plays Lynne Cheney, Cheney's wife, and in the trailer she shows Lynne is no wall flower. She is seen telling a younger Cheney that he will have to fight to keep all this power that he has gained. She says, "When you have power, people will always try to take it from you."

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What power I hear you say? Cheney first served in the House of Representatives from 1979 to 1989, after which he took on the role of Secretary of Defense until 1993. He then went into the private sector before returning to government as VP in 2000. The VP role is usually a bit more of a chill, symbolic position, and not a hugely pivotal role in American government. However, in the trailer, we see an imagined conversation between with Bush where potential VP Cheney lays down what he wants in his role.

“The vice presidency is a mostly symbolic job. However, if we came to a … uh … different understanding, I can handle the more mundane jobs: overseeing bureaucracy, energy, military and foreign policy.”

Just your average brief, then. Other stars in the film include Steve Carell, who will play Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld, Sam Rockwell as George W Bush, and Tyler Perry as Colin Powell. Now can 2019 come round soon, please.