When 'Lethal Weapon' Returns For Season 2, Expect Some Major Questions To Be Addressed

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

It looks like Lethal Weapon's Season 1 finale is going to be a doozy. In last Wednesday night's penultimate episode of the season, Riggs' (Clayne Crawford) sneaking suspicion that his late wife was, in fact, murdered by the cartel was confirmed. A preview of Lethal Weapon Season 1 finale shows Riggs finally coming face-to-face with cartel enforcer Gideon (Matt Passmore). In this make-or-break moment, Riggs will have to decide if he wants to be a good cop or a bad cop. Similarly, fans are going to be faced with a dilemma themselves: Will Lethal Weapon return for Season 2?

Luckily, that's one question you don't have to wait until the Season 1 finale to find out the answer to. FOX announced its early renewal of Lethal Weapon for Season 2 in February, according to Deadline. “Lethal Weapon continues to fire on all cylinders,” FOX Entertainment president David Madden said in a statement. “Every week, it delivers a big, fun roller-coaster ride, but also remains touchingly human and genuinely emotional, and that’s due to the chemistry that’s developed not only between Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford, but the entire cast.”

Unfortunately, that announcement didn't come with info like an official Season 2 premiere date or episode order, but at least we know Lethal Weapon will be back, yeah? Since Lethal Weapon was a part of FOX's Fall 2016 lineup, it seems likely that the drama will bow sometime next autumn. Hopefully, we'll see Lethal Weapon on the network's schedule, which will likely be announced during FOX's Upfront presentation in May.

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I have a feeling that Wednesday night's Season 1 finale is going to have us on the edge of our seats. And you know that fans are going to let the theories fly as to what's going to come next, especially if there's a cliffhanger, which the series creator and executive producer Matt Miller has teased there will be "a bit of one" during a recent interview with Rotten Tomatoes. "We’ll pick that up at the beginning of season 2," he explained.

However, Miller also told Rotten Tomatoes that "Season 2 will have a different season-long mythology." "We’re not going to abandon the mythology that we had in season 1, we’re going to build on it and we’re going to tell a story that doesn’t just deal with Riggs and his dead wife, Miranda, and the cartel," he revealed. "It’s going to open up and tell a different story completely unrelated to that while still keeping that story alive."

Now that it seems like Riggs is heading toward closure with his wife's death, does that mean he'll soon be ready to move on and give finding love again a real shot? Yes and no, according to Miller. "I think the great love of Riggs’ life was Miranda, and he’ll always have that wound and he’ll always be trying to recover from that. For Riggs, more importantly it was his one shot at what he thought could be happiness — or some kind of a normal, domestic life. That was taken from him when she died. What Murtaugh has I think he thinks he’s never going to have again," Miller told Rotten Tomatoes. "So he’s going to try different relationships, be it with Palmer (Hilarie Burton) or certainly there’s a little bit of flirtation and the beginnings of at least an emotional connection with Cahill (Jordana Brewster). He’s got to evolve. He can’t just be a guy who’s gazing into the abyss for five seasons mourning the death of his wife. We want to see him moving on and we want to see him trying life out even if it doesn’t always work for him."

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Though this series is a reimagining of the hit Lethal Weapon film franchise starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, it's only natural to wonder if the show will borrow any material from Lethal Weapon's three sequels as it moves on into Season 2. For instance, in Lethal Weapon 2, when Riggs (Gibson) finds out that his wife was killed during a botched assassination attempt on his own life, he quits the police force and becomes a vigilante in an effort to avenge her death. Miller addressed whether or not Riggs' character will follow the same path in future episodes of the TV series during a recent interview with IGN. "I think that's kind of the question for Riggs. How far is he willing to go?" he said. "And that's the question he asks himself in the season finale. And that's a question Murtaugh has to ask. How far is he willing to go to back up his partner? How far is Riggs willing to go and where is the line between cop and cold-blooded killer?"

As Miller and the rest of Lethal Weapon's creative team continue to hash out what direction to take the series in Season 2, he might not need to look any further than star Dante Brown, who plays Murtaugh's (Wayans) teenage son RJ on the show, for some suggestions. Brown recently said during an interview with Blavity that he thinks it "would be super lit" if Lethal Weapon had a crossover with fellow FOX series Empire in the future, saying that RJ could become a rapper with Empire Records who quickly falls into the world of crime. If Lethal Weapon's writers aren't exactly feeling that for RJ, Brown also suggested that his character could become "a struggling artist or a poet," train to become a police officer like his dad, or follow in his mom's footsteps to become an attorney.

I don't know how likely it is for Lethal Weapon's creative team to incorporate Brown's suggestions into the upcoming season, but they've definitely intrigued me, as well as Miller's teases about the future of the series. If all of this doesn't get you excited for the return of Lethal Weapon for Season 2, I don't know what will.