Know A Beyoncé Hater? Send Them This Tweet

by Maitri Suhas
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Thursday, July 13 in the year of our lord 2017, Beyoncé Gisele Knowles-Carter ushered in the age of the Gemini when she Instagrammed the first photo of herself with the twins in the dead of night. The photo of Beyoncé holding her twins, Sir Carter and Rumi, in front of another altar of flowers (like in her pregnancy photo) has already gotten seven million likes and counting, and caused a frenzied, elated panic across the internet. Beyoncé's pregnancy has basically been a Renaissance painting, and in fact, you've probably already seen a photoshop of Bey and the twins into Boticelli''s The Birth of Venus. But, of course, whenever Beyoncé so much as breathes, the haters emerge, shouting "SHE'S NOT THAT GREAT" and "WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT HER." And they were right on time with the new baby photo. And what do you say them besides "STFU"? As Twitter user @Luigim227 proves, Beyoncé herself has the perfect clapback to her haters.

Not that she responded directly, because Beyoncé would never deign to dignify her haters with a response. The tweet addresses those who asked that tired question, "Beyoncé posted a picture of her babies, who cares?" and responds with a video clip of Bey belting out her 2011 song "I Care." The lyrics are strangely fitting: "I care... I know you don't care too much, but I still care." And why wouldn't people care about Beyoncé? She's as close to royalty as we've got in the U.S. of A, and an icon.

Some tweets illuminate just how far people will reach to criticize her, calling her "delusional," saying she "really thinks she's something," and some are racially-charged with one user calling the twins the "the future Bonnie and Clyde of crack." Gross. Someone also compared her to Princess Kate, asking why Bey couldn't share a "nice" picture of her at home with the kids like her?

But guess what haters: You can play like you're above Beyoncé, but you still know exactly what she's doing at all times. Seems like you care just as much.