These Are The Things To Consider Before Going On Holiday With A Partner, Experts Say

by Alice Broster

Going away with your partner can be a pretty big step. You don’t truly know someone until you have tried to navigate an airport terminal with them at the crack of dawn. And what if you find out they're the kind of person who claps when the plane lands? *Shudder* There is no handbooks for relationships and what works for some people is so different for others. But when is the right time to go away with your partner? Dating and relationship experts say that a one-timeline-fits-all approach is far too simple and working out when you are ready to get on a plane with your new partner may be all down to you as an individual.

Taking a trip away with your other half can be pretty awesome. However, it can also be pretty make or break. So is there a certain amount of time you should be together before you take the plunge?

"Everyone is an individual and should embrace their own unique dating journey," says Chief Marketing Officer at Tinder Jenny Campbell. "When it comes to jetting off on a first holiday, the timeframe is a completely personal decision for every match! Of course, you should only take this holiday if it is a mutual decision and you feel comfortable doing so — if that’s the case, then it’s totally up to you."


The Hilton Hotels and Resorts surveyed 1,000 people about when they think the right time to take a trip away with a new partner is. Six out of ten respondents said they thought it was a good idea to go away with someone you have been seeing for six months. An adventurous 60 percent said they think it is never too soon to travel with the person you are with.

While six months may seem hasty for some, CEO and founder of the elite dating app The Inner Circle David Vermeulen says that, so long as you are on the same page as your partner, then there really are no time limits. "There isn't really an official wait time before going on a holiday with your partner," Vermeulen says. "What is important is that both parties are on the same page on the current status of the relationship and what the trip symbolises. You'll avoid disappointment once these are understood, so it doesn't really matter when you go on holiday. If you are three dates in and you both take a spontaneous trip to Paris because that's what suits you, then go for it!"

Well, a spontaneous trip to Paris doesn't sound too awful to me.

Studio Firma/Stocksy

Vermeulen continues:

"It's about being real, true and comfortable with your partner. First trips can be daunting for couples but they are a perfect way to develop the relationship further. If couples want to test it out first, try a weekend away trip and then step it up as the relationship progresses."

Trips away can come with a lot of unnecessary pressure. If it feels right, then go for it. And just think, it beats another night of lying around on the sofa in front of the TV.