Glow Recipe Launched Another Watermelon Product & It Smells Just Like A Jolly Rancher

Courtesy of Glow Recipe

Makeup isn’t perfect. Although a full face of foundation calls for a dope selfies, skin can dry out underneath it all. Thankfully, Glow Recipe launched Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist so your skin suffers less and your makeup stays refreshed. The mist also smells like a watermelon Jolly Rancher so prepare to get heavy-handed with this product.

When skin gets dehydrated, a face mist can take your skin from “oh no, girl” to “damn, sis” in a few seconds. The Ultra-Fine Mist, however, is intended to leave skin moisturized longer than other face mists.

Glow Recipe’s cofounder Sarah Lee told Allure she wanted the product to increase the moisture longevity provided by face mists.

"I’ve tried lots of mists with amazing dewy results,” Lee said, “But a lot of them are really immediate and don't really last a long time."

Glow Recipe's watermelon face mist is a product that will give your face a wake-up call. The mist is an 84 percent blend of watermelon extract and seed oil, hibiscus flower extract, and also uses apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol. How’s that for hydration?

Courtesy of Glow Recipe

The substitution alcohol for apple cider vinegar in the product was a change Lee made having seen alcohol as a common ingredient in other face mists on the market.

"Some of them also have alcohol,” Lee said, “or [the formula] might not be as clean as I'd want them to be."

Some people use apple cider vinegar for detoxing the body or for cooking. Using the ingredient as a replacement for alcohol in the mist, however, helps balance out the oil in the product and, ultimately, in your face.

The Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist will retail for $28 and officially launches on the Glow Recipe site on Feb. 26. Glow Recipe fans can also order it on March 5 and in purchase the mist in Sephora stores March 8.

Skin care lovers can also appreciate that there’s hyaluronic acid in this product. Hyaluronic acid (HA) may sound scary, but it’s a natural molecule in pores to balance out the weather’s effects on your skin When moisture in the skin is overpowered by the outdoors, HA comes in to save you from dry skin.

The Ultra-Fine Mist not only smells delicious, but also dispenses the product differently. The mist is so fine, the brand describes it as a "fog." The use of the fog mist provides more hydration, which Lee explained to Allure is “a huge category in Korea.” The fog helps to leave the product weightless on the skin, so it doesn’t move any makeup that’s already been applied. The mist is indeed ultra fine.

The face mist is another product joining Glow Recipe’s other watermelon skin care fan favorites. The watermelon fam consists of the Glow Jelly Sheet Mask, Pink Glow Juice Moisturizer, and the coveted Sleep Mask.

No matter what skin type they have, beauty lovers are all about hydration in 2019. This Jolly Rancher-scented mist may just be the new addition your makeup routine.