Kylie Cosmetics Is Finally Releasing A Product Fans Have Been Asking For

Kylie Cosmetics wants to be your one-stop makeup shop and always keeps you coming back for more. The brand does so by expanding its product assortment on the regular rather than simply adding new colors of existing products. Kylie Cosmetics is dropping a makeup setting spray on April 12, and it's exactly what fans have been clamoring for.

Kylie Cosmetics revealed the details of its latest and greatest in an Instagram post showing off the millennial pink bottles stamped with its silver logo. The setting spray will only be available via the Kylie Cosmetics site upon launch. The brand does sell select products via Ulta stores and the Ulta site, but the setting spray won't be sold through the retailer at this time, according to the brand.

Setting sprays are usually the finishing touch to any makeup look. You blast you face with a few pumps, set your products, and go. However, if you remain unconvinced about the efficacy of makeup setting sprays and consider them a bit of a gimmick, think again. They actually have loads of additional uses.

You can use setting sprays to mist makeup brushes and dip them into eyeshadow to help intensify the color when packing it on the lids. The spritzes are also excellent for mid-day misting, to add moisture, radiance, and to basically wake up your face with a little controlled hydration on hot or dry days.

So, yes, setting sprays function as a makeup bag secret weapon. They are certainly a welcome addition to Kylie's line and can be used with the Kylie Cosmetics canon of face products, which includes concealers, setting powders, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters, as well as with its eyeshadow palettes. The setting spray will serve as the period to the end of the sentence that is your makeup look for the day and much more.

Bustle reached out to Kylie Cosmetics reps for further details, such as the price of the setting spray and to confirm whether or not it will have a matte or dewy finish.

Kylie Cosmetics devotees were thrilled about the latest launch, and they said so in the comments of the Instagram posts and on Twitter. Customers fired off questions about the size and the scent, all the while sharing suggestions on how to use it. They were also stoked that the brand is paying attention to their requests, comments, and feedback.

This tweet expressed what so many customers were already thinking. Another user in the Insta comments already pledged to put their dollars behind the product, writing, "I can't wait to order it. I love all the products." Another user stated, "I didn't think I needed a setting spray till now," which a testament to this consumer's trust in the brand. This follower loved the packaging, saying, "I need a dozen of these just to display on my vanity!" Lastly, this user was curious about the intensity of the mist because beauty lovers tend to be really specific about setting sprays, writing, "I really hope u invested in a quality mister because if not the beauty community will draaag u lol they get real serious about a gentle mist."

If you've been wanting to try setting sprays or are in the market for a new one, Kylie Cosmetics has you and your face covered on April 12.