Khloe K Is Bringing You More Good American Denim

Good American

A size-inclusive, stylish range of denim doesn't come around every day, but when it does, the excitement is real. That's why the knowledge that more of Khloe Kardashian's Good American styles are coming is stellar news. While new iterations of the distressed, sexy jeans debuted on Thursday, Feb. 2, according to the Good American website, more styles are well on their way, and fans are sure to be stoked about the news.

The initial roll out of new styles began on Thursday, but there was something else that hit the Good American website as well. Once you start shopping the new styles, you'll see the announcement that more Good American denim styles will be launching bi-weekly. Every two weeks, fans will get a fresh batch of Good American denim to shop as well as the pre-existing products.

Unlike Season 1 of Good American Denim which debuted all at once, the new season is set to launch piece by piece. While there's been no reason announced as to why the brand chose to debut their styles this way, if I had to guess, it's because of the serious hype that will happen for each launch. Considering that the website also revealed a few images of some killer new styles headed fans' way, it's going to a bomb couple or weeks for Good American.

Good American

The new styles in the Good Waist Crop and the Good Legs Crop are just the beginning of the launches. Once fans head to the website, they'll see a pair of black jeans cropped at the knee, what seems to be Kardashian rocking a denim shirt dress, a killer distressed jean with a fringe ankle, and a pair of seriously sexy lace up denim. The styles are totally innovative and a definite departure from last season's style.

As for the prices, they seem consistent with Kardashian's previous price point. I wouldn't expect anything to cost more than her previous Season 1 styles.

Kardashian herself took to Twitter to tease a couple of the new things coming to Good American bi-weekly. From the tweet, it seems as though the brand could be getting ready for warmer weather with shorts and skirts.

As for what the new styles for Good American will be? It looks like we'll all be waiting for two weeks. Hey, at least we've got two new denims to shop, right?