When Will Lancome's Rose Highlighter Be Available?

If you're tired of the grey and creaking winter tundra that is outside of your window, then let Lancome's new La Rose A Poudrer highlighter cheer you up. Much like buying a dozen pink roses for your bedroom table, this new product will add a touch of spring to your makeup routine even if we're well away from sandals and sheer dresses.

Packaged in a vintage-inspired lilac case, the illuminator looks like something that would sit on a woman's vanity table from the '50s, along with her red lipsticks and powder poofs.

La Rose A Poudrer, $60, Lancome

"Encapsulated in a 50's French-inspired Bijou box (traditionally meant to house loose powders), is a new-generation highlighting luminous powder," Lancome explained on their site.

Once opened, you're treated to a blooming pink rose — but not one that will begin to disappear after a couple of swipes from a makeup brush. Instead, this highlighter is different in the fact that it's an actual fabric faux-rose, with finely-milled powder dusted onto its petals. Meaning that you can run your blush brush across the petals to pick up the shimmer, and its charming flower will stay in tact no matter how often you use it. The move is innovative and forward thinking, especially considering how quickly the illuminator would have begun to lose its appeal if the petals were made of powder and began to disappear with use. "The rose stays completely intact, in all its ruffled glory, no matter how many times you dip your blush brush into it," Allure confirmed.

So when is the Lancome's La Rose A Poudrer available? You're not going to have to wait for long. The highlighter is part of Lancome's spring 2017 limited edition collection, and according to Cosmopolitan, will be available later this January. In just a few short weeks, you can have this vintage inspired flower sitting in your own makeup drawer, adding a subtle shimmer to your morning routine.

La Rose A Poudrer, $60, Lancome

You'll be able to pick up the product at later this month for 60 dollars, as well as other spring-inspired items in the collection such as a kabuki brush for 34 dollars, and some new shades of Lancôme Juicy Shaker Lip Oil. Since it's limited edition, get your flowers while they're still around! After all, they don't last forever.

Images: Lancome (1)