Smashbox x Casey Holmes Palettes Are Returning

Calling all glow-getters! The Smashbox x Casey Holmes two-palette collaboration sold quickly during its early access promo. The vlogger-designed highlighter palettes come in Gold and Pearl color stories. Holmes even admitted in an Instagram post that the collab was supposed to be one palette but she couldn't narrow down the shade selection. So it morphed into two! The palettes are temporarily out of stock at the Smashbox site but fans needn't stress. Technically, the palettes are not sold out, since more are on the way. Consider them "temporarily sold out." When are the Smashbox x Casey Holmes Spotlight palettes restocking?

Here's the rundown of the rollout. There are several options, so pay attention! You can purchase either or both of the palettes now via the Smashbox site and they will ship next week.

The palettes will also be available via Sephora stores and the Sephora site on Mar. 3. Furthermore, the pair o' palettes will be purchasable at Macy's locations and on Mar. 9. The Spotlights will also be available online at Ulta and other digital destinations on March 15. The duo will be in stores everywhere on Apr. 1.

Obvs, it's a staggered rollout at a variety of retailers and it will be widely available. That's good news for fans that want to get dat glow.

Oh, and there is one more piece of good news regarding the Smashbox x Casey Holmes Spotlight palettes and it's right there in black and white. The palettes are NOT limited edition, according to the brand's post.

You needn't worry about this being a one-and-done or being impossible to score.

There is a whole lotta glow in your future if you plan to scoop up one or both of these palettes.

Even the pup appreciates the palettes, which will cost $35 a piece. Rejoice in the fact that you will have plenty of purchasing options. You won't have to scramble to try and get the palettes, each of which features three circular pans and a mirror, before they are gone for good.

Images: Smashbox/Instagram (3); Casey Holmes/Instagram (1)