When Will Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands Be Restocked? Mark Your Calendar

If you're a fan of all things magical, then you'll absolutely love Storybook Cosmetics' Wizard Wands. They're essentially makeup brushes in the shape of magic wands, and everything about them is amazing.

The triplet sisters behind Storybook Cosmetics originally said their brushes were inspired by Harry Potter, but have since decided to include more magical worlds by dropping the book reference. "The brushes still look like wands, but are updated with the brand's logo," Elizabeth Denton wrote in Allure.

Harry Potter-inspired or not, it's easy to see why these gorgeous wands sold out instantly when they were first launched. If you need them (like I do) don't worry — the company is planning a restock soon. In fact, they're currently offering a pre-sale. For $55, you can get your paws on a lovely five brush set in late February. And if you order them now, they'll ship around February 11.

According to the company, the brush kit includes five brushes made of cruelty-free bristles and gun metal alloy handles. (In other words, the brushes will be heavy — and probably all the more magical.) They also come in a velvet pouch, which makes it pretty much a done deal in my opinion. Take a look at the detail that went into making this brushes, and then get to shopping.

So pretty, right?

See what I mean about that velvet pouch?

Seriously, this set is about as magical as it gets.