Kylie Is Releasing A Halloween Collection & It's SO On Theme

Halloween is the time when fashion and beauty get to shine its brightest. Not only do trick-or-treaters have the chance to ditch their everyday face and trade it for monster madness, but the lump some of makeup to go along with a new gettup is a blessing from above. And Kylie Cosmetics revealing a Halloween makeup collection has come just in time for the day to celebrate dressing up.

Ky has always been one to get into the spirit of Halloween, having dressed up in some of the most spot-on costumes from a skin-clad assassin to a "Dirrty" X-Tina. This year, she's letting fans join in her fun with the help of her makeup brand, launching a 10-piece 3-D Halloween collection to get us boo'd up for the festivities. The packaging alone is gearing me up for some serious spook-worthy shades.

If you're someone who takes Halloween as seriously as a Kar-Jenner fam, then you've probably already got plans on matching your costume to your face makeup. Fortunately, you won't have to wait life span to get your hands on this spooked-out cosmetic line. You can get the full set of products officially on Oct. 12. Which leaves just enough time to decide on a either a smoky eye or a full face of monster makeup.

Holiday collections are always fun because with every product comes a punny name to match and Kylie does these products justice in naming each one. The set includes 4 lipsticks in the shades "Spider-Bite", "Monster", "Haunt It" and "Creep It Real" (two of which are metallic shades). In addition, Kylie gives fans "Witch & Famous" and "Hello Ghordeous" as glitter eyes, a "Bite Me" red lip kit, a glitter gloss in "Handsome Devil", a 9-shade eyeshadow palette, and a pressed illuminating powder duo chrome highlighter in "Go Ghost". How's that for a collection made for the glamorously undead?

While the collection comes at us mid fright month, it's a group of products that beauty babes around the world can most likely wear all year round. Due to the many fall-like colors of reds, yellows, greens and purples, it seems this launch is going to be one of those universally-worn collections for all complexions. Us melanin queens give our many thanks, Kylizzle.

The party doesn't stop with the colors, though. While the packaging of this Halloween collection is both gorgeously and ghastly decked in fangs, spider webs, and mummification realness, Kylie makes this launch even more special for the Halloween-obsessed. The line also comes paired with a set of 3-D glasses, as a few of the product packaging comes alive before your glitter eyes.

Halloween is always something of a treat (or trick if you're a baddie) and this is surly one we'll be eating up. Something tells me that these universally-friendly products will run out before you know it, so once the full line drops at the strike of midnight on Oct. 12, have your credit card at the ready. You don't want to miss out on these snatching these creepy cosmetics.