This Week's 'Catfish' Situation Got Even More Suspicious AFTER The Episode


Spoilers ahead for Catfish Season 7, Episode 28. It all started with one swipe to the right. That's how many Catfish situations tend to begin these days, and Deven and Sha'quan from Catfish are no exception. As chronicled in the Jan. 23 episode, the two met on a dating app and began chatting non-stop. Deven lived outside of Phoenix, Arizona, and "James" (you can guess where this is going) lived in California. Deven absolutely couldn't get enough of "James," which scared him — especially because refused to FaceTime or even share a phone call with him.

Longtime fans of the show know what that means. When two people meet online and one of them refuses to video chat, there's a good chance that they're lying about their identity. (Though that's not always the case, as we learned this season with Chelsea and Lennie and Alice and Nique.) It's also a red flag if they refuse to talk on the phone, as it could mean they're hiding their voice for a reason.

In attempt to help Deven find the truth, Nev and his co-host for the episode, Rashad Jones, analyzed James' Facebook page (whose profile name was actually Jay) to discover he had been hacked three months prior — around the same time Deven began talking with him. As a result of the hacking, a few of his photos (including some that are NSFW) were leaked. Nev and Rashad contacted the page to ask about Deven, and Jay (whose full name is actually Jarris) confirmed that he wasn't the person they were looking for.

So, they decided to communicate directly with the number Deven had for James and ask him to meet. James told them to meet in Las Vegas, and on their way, Deven mentioned having a friend who lived there. But he couldn't imagine it being the person he was talking to. And then, lo and behold, Sha'quan walked in to the lobby of their Vegas hotel.

After much deliberation, it was revealed that Deven and Sha'quan (not James) were in a friends-with-benefits relationship, but Sha'quan wanted more. He hated that Deven would ghost when he didn't feel like talking, so in order to get closer to him, he became someone else. Ultimately, both sides were in the wrong. Sha'quan shouldn't have been deceitful, and Deven shouldn't have led Sha'quan on. The two didn't participate in a video chat-style interview to follow up with the show, but a closing screen revealed that they'd decided to remain just friends (this time without the benefits) and move on.

Since filming the show, all of the posts on the Instagram account that Jarris was using, @jaypunktualiety_93, have been deleted. The profile has zero followers and follows zero other users. It looks like Jarris created a new Facebook under the name Jay Rich, and he shared a bit with his friends about his Catfish experience. "Yes it's real and yes i got paid from it," he wrote. "I will also find out who it was when y'all find out."

By the looks of it, Deven could've possibly created a new profile since the show's filming as well. And Sha'quan is nowhere to be found. There are not one, but two pages on Facebook that feature Deven's photos and information — hopefully he's not finding himself on the other end of another catfish situation.

One account, under the name of Deven Banks, has only 11 friends. The pictures are definitely of him, and the available information says that he's from Detroit, Michigan but moved to a town outside of Phoenix, which are both accurate according to the show. The rest of the profile is set to private.

Oddly enough, there's another page that has photos of him as well, some of which are identical to those on the first profile. It's also worth noting that the two profiles are friends with one another. The real twist, though, is that the profile's display name is Enrique Johnson — but it seems to be the more active of the two profiles. A lengthy status explaining Deven's journey on Catfish was recently posted, which makes the profile appear to be legitimately run by him.

"OK so, this is to be expected after being on a TV show like the one I am currently on," he wrote. "I have no regrets about my life, I have no regrets about being on the show or anything. But if you have something negative to say. FAMILY OR NOT! You can just happily keep it to yourself." Plenty of friends and family members commented on the status in support.

When he was on the show, Deven told Nev and Rashad that he was studying criminal justice. According to the Johnson page, he's a former corrections officer for the Arizona Department of Corrections and a former federal agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Honestly, both accounts seem legitimate. One could be an old profile that he forgot to delete, and there's a possibility he changed his screen name on the other in attempt to maintain anonymity following his episode's airing. If that's not the case, then he has another fishy situation on his hands.