This Week's 'Catfish' Episode Had An Unexpectedly Happy Ending


Spoilers ahead for Catfish Season 7, Episode 27. Season 7 of Catfish may set the record for the most falsely accused catfish of all time. Past seasons rarely saw an episode in which the investigated profiles weren't fake, or at least partially so. In Nev's experience hosting the show, countless hopefuls have been disappointed by deceit and lies. Along with a lucky few others (Chelsea and Lennie, Rachel and Vance), however, Nique and Alice on Catfish had nothing to hide all along.

Nique and Alice found one another where all great things begin — on Tumblr. They're both artists, and Nique shared a role-play scenario for which she created characters and a story. She encouraged her followers to respond. Alice chimed in with her own character, and Nique was blown away by her creativity.

After chatting in their role-play scenario for a bit, they began talking as themselves and became very close. Alice came into Nique's life at a very tumultuous time — she had just dropped out of high school after enduring the stress and displacement of Hurricane Harvey. When Nique felt like she had nowhere else to turn, she turned to Alice.

Nique admitted to having romantic feelings for Alice, and even to exchanging risqué messages, but their relationship was never officially defined. Although Nique wished it was, she didn't push the issue because, at home, she was in a polyamorous relationship with her partner, Pryncess. Both Pryncess and Alice knew about each other.

However, because Alice refused to video chat, Nique decided to contact Catfish. At first, things were looking up: Alice seemed to be the real deal when Nev and guest co-host Elle King investigated. But then, scared of hurting Nique's feelings on public television, Alice panic-blocked her from all social media.

Unsure of what awaited them, Nique and co. flew to Los Angeles, Alice's hometown. When they knocked on her door, the real Alice, astoundingly, revealed herself, though she was noticeably nervous. She was upset that Nique questioned her credibility, but more than that, she was scared. She cared about Nique, but had to let her know she had no romantic feelings for her.

"At least you have Pryncess," Alice told Nique as they sat on her couch together, in person for the first time. Nique's expression was obviously disappointed, but grateful for the real friend that remained. She returned home, and in the two month follow-up post-filming, said that they're even better friends now.

"A trust has been established," Alice told Nev and Elle on video chat. Nique and Pryncess were still together then, and according to Nique's Facebook page, they still are now. Nique is still friends with Alice on Facebook, and according to Alice's page, she's in a relationship with someone new.

Both of them are also still sharing their art on social media. Nique talks about everything from her dog to politics on Twitter, and Alice sells her art on Instagram. At the time their Catfish episode was filmed, Nique seemed to have an active Instagram account, but the most recently updated profile of hers has only one photo.

Maybe the Catfish crew didn't need to investigate this case after all, but two real friends were brought together in the end. No harm, no foul.