This Week’s Shocking ‘Catfish’ Reveal Led To A VERY Unexpected Friendship


Spoilers for the Feb. 21 episode of Catfish. This week's episode of MTV's Catfish delivered in a lot of ways. Not only did we get to see a repeat Catfish offender — always a good, yet puzzling, time — but viewers also got a doozy of a reveal. Oh, and the person who was getting catfished had also been catfishing her love interest as well — a stunt that will one day force Nev and Max to pull out all of their hair. When the show wrapped, things were looking up, despite a meet-up that was never going to have a traditionally happy ending. So, where are Chastity and Mandy from Catfish now?

While the two-month check-in after initial filming wrapped seemed hopeful, the two have seemingly both been lying low on social media. At the very least, they're not sharing anything about their Catfish episode or commenting on any of the show's promotions for it, and their social media accounts aren't visible for a stranger doing a search. And there's nothing wrong with that. Especially since Chastity is a familiar face who was found to be a catfishing culprit way back in Season 2, it's certainly not a bad thing if she and Mandy are taking some time away from their online profiles.

Quentin, Mandy's son, is the one who initially approached Nev and Max, asking for help with his mom's two-year online relationship with a man named Jose. Though Jose lived about an hour from Mandy, the two had managed to never meet, and she didn't even have his phone number. Not good. "Jose" told Nev and Max that he was actually in Tennessee now, and had no plans on returning to Michigan, so they should tell Mandy that and offer apologies on his behalf. Just when they may have hit a dead end with that, Nev pulled out a secret weapon the likes of which we've never seen on Catfish.

Apparently, there's a website that allows you to get super sneaky with IP addresses. Nev copied the link to Jose's Facebook page, plugged it into this website, and it generated a new link. He texted the new link to Jose, asking him to click and confirm that the Facebook page they had on file was indeed his. But here's the catch — when Jose clicked the link, Nev was sent information on the IP address from which he viewed the page, proving that he was still in Michigan, and not Tennessee as he had claimed. OK, woah. That is some next level trickery. No future Catfish is safe.

Eventually, after a lot of runaround, Nev and Max discovered that the person really behind the Jose persona was Chastity, who, aside from being a Catfish alum, is Mandy's cousin. Chastity claimed that she had the fake profile to spy on her ex for legal reasons having to do with custody of her children — the same reason she gave for having one back in Season 2. When Chastity added Mandy as a friend, Mandy wasn't being honest, either. She was posing in her profile as her sister, trying to gather more information from her ex-boyfriend after she found out that he and her sister had been sleeping together. Whew. Yeah, there's a lot going on here.

The bottom line is that Chastity knew that Mandy was lonely, and wanted to be a friend to her, which is why she kept up the Jose ruse. Mandy's and Chastity's sides of the family apparently don't get along well, or really speak to each other at all, which she said made her feel like she couldn't pursue an open, honest friendship without the fake persona. Mandy was hurt, blindsided and embarrassed, understandably, and asked Chastity to leave and not to speak to her again. Despite this rocky ending to the initial confrontation, at the two month check-in, Chastity showed Nev and Max photos of the two at the gym together. She said even though Mandy didn't trust her completely yet, they were working on building a real friendship.

Even though we weren't able to check out their social media to see if this new bond has ultimately flourished, it's not often that an episode of Catfish ends with the possibility of a promising new female friendship, and that's always something I am ready to get behind. Hopefully, Mandy and Chastity are leaving their family drama in the past.