Where Are The Couples From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 3 Now? Not All Love Can Last

Paul Hebert/ABC

Season 3 of Bachelor In Paradise is coming hot on the heels of Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season, and to paraphrase the perpetual words of host Chris Harrison, it's set to be the most dramatic season yet. Even though it has only been in existence for three seasons before this one, Bachelor In Paradise has pretty consistently churned out successful couples. So, where are the couples from Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 now?

Well, I think that everyone who attempts to truly find love on Bachelor In Paradise probably sacrifices a piña colada at the altar of Tanner and Jade. They have pretty much become the poster-couple for success in paradise since they immediately fell for each other in Season 2 and later moved in together, got married, and are now expecting their first child together. Of course, not everyone can be #Janner, but Season 3 of Bachelor In Paradise did manage to bring together one couple that not only challenges their reign as the most adorable love story in the show's history, but also includes Jade's best friend from the series as well.

Here is a quick update on the couples from Season 3. And I might as well start with the good news:

Carly Waddell & Evan Bass

This is the new #Janner in town, friends. Of course, no one will ever be the original but Carly and Evan are seriously adorable and surprised fans with the evolution of their relationship throughout the season. You see, Evan always had his eye on Carly, even faking an injury in a misguided attempt at pulling her closer to him. Even though she wasn't as immediately into him, they slowly fell for each other in a way that seemed pretty organic. In the end, they were the only couple to survive life outside of paradise. They moved in together, got married in June 2016, and now Carly and Evan are expecting their first child, according to E! Online. Another BiP baby is on the way.

Lace Morris & Grant Kemp

#Grace had a tough go of it in paradise. Between forgetting that cameras were filming them everywhere (even in bed) to their twin explosive tempers, I wasn't really expecting them to come out of the show holding hands. Alas, they did have a sweet engagement in the finale but Lace and Grant split shortly after leaving Mexico, according to US Weekly Matching tattoos are a gamble.

Amanda Stanton & Josh Murray

These two faced a bit of controversy in the beginning, since Amanda initially got close to Nick Viall before Josh stepped in and got her attention. They got engaged in the finale, but unfortunately, things got messy once they left Mexico. They tried moving in together for a time but Amanda and Josh broke up in January 2017. The pair were spotted out together in February. But US Weekly reported that in late March, Josh called the police on Amanda to get back a car he had reportedly given her as a gift. (The Irvine, California police told the magazine that the dispute "basically resolved itself.") Things appear to be over now on that front.

Hey, one out of three love matches isn't bad, especially when it brings marriage and a baby into the picture. Hopefully Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise will bring Bachelor Nation some more success stories to root for this year.