Starbucks Released A New Vampire Frappuccino, But There's A Huge Catch


Starbucks is always down to play ball when it comes to catering to our thematic holiday drink needs. Before the first leaf falls, we've got the Pumpkin Spice Latté, so it's no surprise that now, inching towards the end of October, that people are wondering whether or not a Halloween-themed drink is on its way. The holiday is just around the corner! Well, friends, it looks like we may finally be closer to getting an answer: News that something called a "Vampire Frappuccino" has been released in the U.K. broke on Oct. 17, leading many (including myself) to wonder: Where can you get Starbucks' Vampire Frappuccino in the U.S.? I mean, it seems like it's basically the cousin of the wildly popular and even more wildly delicious Frappula Frappuccino (which was available in the U.S. around Halloween 2016 and featured essentially the same ingredients), so one has to wonder whether it means the U.S. will get a similarly fangtastic Halloween frappuccino. I mean, would Starbucks really only limit their Halloween spirit-infused drink menu to the other side of the pond? Me thinks not.

Well, good news and bad news. Bad news first, so we can just get it out of the way: For now, the Vampire Frappuccino is only available in the U.K., so U.S. customers can't order it in any store unless they happen to be at a Starbucks in London (there's a good one in Shoreditch off Old St., if you happen to be in the area!) or something. So yeah, womp, womp, womp. Don't get too disappointed, though — there is some potential good news here, if you think about it. Just because the Vampire Frappuccino isn't in the U.S. doesn't mean we're 100 percent not getting a Halloween drink. I really doubt Starbucks would only give the U.K. something special for the holiday and leave the U.S. behind. And, according to Day of the Human, a lifestyle blog that reports on Starbucks rumors (both of the site's co-creators are former baristas), there are rumors that Starbucks could be pushing out something called a "Zombie Frappuccino" for Halloween. So, if those rumors are true, maybe there's a freaky Halloween drink to look forward to after all.

Per the rumor, the green drink would be a créme frappucino featuring a mouth-puckering green caramel apple powder and a pink powder (flavor unknown) — because zombies are green and brains are pink, obviously. Again, it's not clear whether or not this drink will actually exist or not, but Day of the Human reported a lot of intel about the rumors, so thankfully we have a little concept of what we should be dreaming up until we find out whether or not the Zombie Frappuccino is really happening. (When responding to Bustle's request for a statement on whether or not the Zombie Frappuccino is real, a rep for Starbucks gave no comment.)

So, the Vampire Frappuccino isn't coming to the U.S. for now, which is sad because it does look delicious — if you're across the pond, I hope you enjoy it. According to the description on Cosmopolitan, the Vampire Frappuccino is a chocolate créme frappuccino with strawberry sauce blended in, and topped with whipped cream. (Similarly, the Frappula Frappuccino was mocha sauce, white chocolate mocha Frappuccino mix, and strawberry purée topped with whipped cream.) It'll be available in U.K. Starbucks locations until Halloween, along with a new Mummy Cookie and a new Pumpkin Cookie — both of which also aren't available in U.S. locations.

That said, it's possible that U.S. customers will have their down spoopy treat to look forward to in the coming days — because, like a character on the appropriately themed series The X-Files, I want to believe... this rumor.