Where To Buy The ABH Lip Palette

As one of the first brands to lean into the liquid lip craze, Anastasia Beverly Hills know what they're doing, lip-wise — and with their latest lip launch, they're betting you do too. Or you've better, with this many options. Their new palette is stocked with 18 shades of lip color, so any particular lip look can now be yours. Where to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette? Here's where you should head.

Packed with three rows of matte, ultra pigmented lip colors, the Pro Lip Palette Design is makeup artistry gone mass, and will be available on the ABH website come Jan. 10 and at Sephora, ULTA, Macy’s and Dillard’s on Mar. 15. Playing up the ability to "be your own artist," the palette features a mix of primaries and neutrals to fine-tune your lip color. Gander the bottom row: white, black, red, yellow, blue and gray are at the ready to skew any of the above colors — from coral, to pinky nude, to purple — into your personalized hue.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, $48, Anastasia Beverly Hills

The options are endless, and given ABH's proficiency for formulas, the wear time will be likewise. Joining the "forever" crowd is the palette's availability, as a permanent addition to the brand (so no risk of eternal sell-out, phew).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, $48, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Priced at $48 dollars, that comes out to $2.66 per shade. Add in the dual-ended brush/spatula and mixing plate that accompanies the palette, and I'd put the breakdown at approximately take all my money, please.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, $48, Anastasia Beverly Hills

This isn't the first time that an artistry brand has given ~customization power to consumers — Make Up For Ever has their Flash Color Palette Multi-use Cream Color Palette with similar primary hues, and The Estée Edit's Lip Flip Shade Transformer comes in yellow and black. But: look at the formula as it scrapes up in the video above. New uses for the salivating emoji every day.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, $48, Anastasia Beverly Hills

I mean. ABH's Lip Palette is an accessible way to dip your toe in the customization game — no longer will you have to combine three liquid lipstick colors to find the perfect delicate balance of purple-red. It's time to get personal.

Added benefit: brandishing your brush/spatula and palette at people while shouting you're an artiste, dammit, it does take this long to get ready! The satisfaction cannot be overemphasized.