'Project Runway' Fans Can Buy Ayana's Clothes & Look Just As Stylish As She Does

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Season 16 of Project Runway really changed the game in a few big ways this time around. Besides finally casting an array of body types as models and giving more attention to the opinions of models who have to sell the designer's looks down the runway, they also cast the first modest fashion designer as a competitor per Harper's Bazaar Arabia. Ayana Ife is a modest designer that has not only shown that there is a definite demand for her style but has also made it to New York Fashion week as a finalist for Season 16. So, many may be wondering: What is Ayana from Project Runway doing now? Perhaps more importantly, can you buy her amazing designs?

Well, for those of you wondering whether you can snag some of her clothing, you are in luck. Ayana's Instagram links to her Etsy page, where you can find a plethora of stylish, modest looks to buy for pretty affordable prices. Among the looks available for purchase on her Etsy page right this moment are the badass ruffle shirt Ayana created for the Warrior Fashion challenge on this season of Project Runway. It is listed for $95.00 but anyone who watched all the work she put into the design and construction of that blouse know that it is likely worth a lot more.

Ayana has also been teasing the launch of her website AyanaIfe.com on her Instagram page for a while now and it looks like it is nearly ready to be unveiled. The site, which isn't completely in working order yet, has a clear link that is labeled "shop" where one can only assume her clothing will reside for purchase. Besides her upcoming website, it also looks like Ayana will sell looks directly from her Instagram page as well. After attending and showing at Utah Fashion Week, she listed the runway looks on her Instagram and offered them up for purchase, and by the looks of it, a lot of people jumped at the chance to own some of her work.

Ayana is a practicing Muslim woman and, per an interview with Marie Claire, the designer said that she started to get sick of wearing the same kind of bulky, modest clothing all the time growing up. She started experimenting with designing her own modest apparel when she realized that there simply weren't a lot of edgy, stylish options that would still stay within accordance with her religion's rules about coverage. Things like distressed, ripped jeans but with a lining to cover the exposed skin were just not available, so she created her own. All of her looks tend to cover from head to toe and out to the wrists, but she makes them look hip and stylish while maintaining that air of modesty.

As the first modest designer to be cast for Project Runway, she had a lot to prove and as one of the four finalists showing at New York Fashion Week in the finale, she clearly proved herself and then some. Her clothing not only works as an amazing alternative to classic modern clothing for Muslim women but it also translates into unique, wearable fashion for those outside of the Muslim community as well. Any woman could easily wear her looks, regardless of religious beliefs.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

At the moment, Ayana appears to be working hard on getting her brand and her modest style clothing out to the masses, according to her Instagram, which she updates a lot. She has also been attending other runway shows like the previously mentioned Utah Fashion Week. Whatever happens on Part 2 of the Season 16 Project Runway finale, it is obvious that Ayana is not taking a break or cooling her jets anytime soon. Be sure to be on the lookout for the launch of her website soon and all the clothing to follow.