Where Can You Buy Bronx Colors? The Affordable New…

We're officially in the post-holiday recovery period, which means it's time to go ahead and treat yourself for spending the past couple weeks tolerating your in-laws. Luckily, Ulta Beauty can help: The retailer recently listed new makeup brand Bronx Colors, which offers gorgeous and inexpensive products available at Ulta.

More than 50 Bronx Colors products are currently listed, from eyeliner sticks to blending sponges to lip colors. According to Refinery29, Bronx Colors "is the brainchild of Werner Kaufmann, a beauty vet with 30 years of skin-care experience under his belt."

The brand's blog chronicles its progress from conception in 2014 to launch in Switzerland in 2015. Now its products are available in the U.S. from Ulta, and all listed products are part of a buy one, get one 50 percent off promotion.

Affordability is a core attribute of the brand. Kaufmann told Refinery29, "To be honest, the market is overpriced." Another attribute is Bronx Colors' commitment to "professional make-up made for everyone" that will "cater to all skin tones and genders." It's awesome to see a brand be deliberately inclusive, and considering how beautiful Bronx Colors' products are — they're cruelty-free, too! — it's one part of a long list of reasons to buy.

Just take a look at some of the products available on Ulta.

1. Touch The Skyline Palette

Touch The Skyline Palette, $6, Ulta

Does it make me a terrible makeup enthusiast if I freak out over the packaging first? I'm gonna do it: That packaging is completely gorgeous, and seeing it sitting on my bathroom sink would almost make getting up early in the morning for work worth it.

2. Garden Of Eden Pocket Set

Pocket Set Garden Of Eden, $12, Ulta

This rosy set comes with two eyeshadows and one lipgloss. Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups!

3. Men Bright Eye

Men Bright Eye, $7, Ulta

I love this primarily because it's makeup designed for men, which is something we don't see much. But aside from my love of brands breaking pesky gender norms, I also love this because it's a quick, silky fixer-upper for tired-eye days.

4. Blending Sponge

Large Precision Blending Sponge (Purple), $6, Ulta | Medium Precision Blending Sponge (Pink), $6, Ulta

These contoured blending brushes fit perfectly in your hand, and have tapering tip so you can nab those difficult places around your hairline and eyes.

5. Glam & Glory Makeup Set

Glam & Glory Makeup Set, $35, Ulta

I absolutely saved the best for last. Look at those to-die-for multicolored eyeshadows! This massive set comes with 36 eyeshadows, three face powders, four blushes, four lip colors, three lip glosses, and five applicators — all for just over 30 bucks.

Bronx Colors just launched for sale in the U.S., and I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot about them in the coming months.