This Highlighter Looks Like Golden, Glowy Pudding For Your Face

Instagram-famous brand Farsali secured its place in the oft-fickle heart of the online beauty community with its 24-karat Rose Gold Elixir and Unicorn Essence, both of which were often sold out at Sephora. Now there's a new beauty item makeupistas will have to fight to get their hands on. Farsali's Jelly Beam Highlighter has arrived as of Nov. 1, and it's exclusively available via the Farsali site. Jelly Beam could veritably usurp the Unicorn Essence as the quintessential, "must own" and "hafta use" Farsali product. It's basically a glowy pudding for your face.

Watching Insta videos of the Jelly Beam Highlighter, with its squishy, gelled consistency, is oddly satisfying. You will find yourself watching the same 30-second clip over and over with intrigue trust me.

Here's how this visually stimulating Jelly Beam works: The product looks and applies like a cream, but magically sets like a powder because #science. Skin takes a wet, satiny finish with lots of dewy glow. The product doesn't need to be set with a post-application powder, either. You can even layer it over lips or smooth it on your lids for a little shimmer.

At $40, the Jelly Beam is a little pricey. But a little pigment goes a long way.

You will be totally entranced by this video of a fan brush gingerly dipping into the product and spreading it around. That pigment, though! The much-desired perfectly dewy glow is totally achievable with Farsali's Jelly Beam.

Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator/Highlighter, $40, Farsali

It's quite a delish makeup product, even if not edible.

See Jelly Beam in action. Just one dot is enough to add a clinging-to-summer pigmented glow. Of course you can buff, dab, blend, and diffuse it in order to achieve a custom gleam. But feel free to gawk at Jelly Beam in its most concentrated form.

The brand also posted a tutorial on YouTube, offering seven key ways to use Jelly Beam. There are way more than seven methods, of course, and we will probably see those pop up on influencer Instas and YouTube channels in the coming weeks. But here are the brand-sanctioned tips for where and how to use.

1. On Cheekbones

You can illuminate your cheekbones without any foundation, courtesy of a gentle dab of Jelly Beam. A little goes a long way for a natural, glowing finish.

2. On A Bare Face

You can also illuminate your full face, sans any foundation, by mixing Jelly Beam with a few drops of the aforementioned Rose Gold Elixir and you'll be totally lit from within.

3. Full Body Glow

Get that liquid gold bodily glow by massaging Jelly Beam onto your shoulders, decolletage, and perhaps even your neck.

4. Mixed With Foundation

Jelly Beam essentially asks to be used with your favorite foundation. Mix a few drops of each and blend for an even, illuminated finish.

5. Face Highlighter

Jelly Beam will highlight your entire face when applied carefully with gentle taps.

6. As Candlelit Eyeshadow

Hop on that candlelit eyeshadow trend by applying a dab to lids — either over a powder shadow or on its own.

7. Lip Topper

Lip toppers have been a huge trend in 2017 and Jelly Beam will certainly suit that purpose. You can apply a drop at the center of a bare lips and dab and blend for some solo sheen. Or you can swipe it over a matte lipstick for added dimension or to simply switch things up. Jelly Beam has the potential turn a lipstick into a gloss with little creativity and digital dexterity.

The Jelly Beam will surely be taking over your Instagram very soon. Bet you never knew you needed a golden, glowy face pudding to cap off your makeup routine.