Tom Hiddleston's 'I love TS' Shirt Puzzles Twitter

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift took their relationship to a new level over the Fourth of July weekend: wearing their love. Swift and Hiddleston were spotted frolicking in the ocean on Sunday near Swift's Rhode Island beach house, aka the location of the singer's famous Independence Day parties. The outing was notable for multiple reasons, including the fact that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were there, but the thing everyone's talking about isn't the guest list, it's Hiddleston's "I [heart] T.S." shirt. Yes, while everyone else was either shirtless or in bikinis, Hiddleston covered up his torso with a white tank that declared his love for all to see. Naturally, the paparazzi were on hand to catch some photos of the new couple, and Hiddleston's outfit choice has since gone viral. Everyone is wondering, why did Tom Hiddleston wear an I Love Taylor Swift shirt?

Hiddleston and Swift — aka Hiddleswift or Swiddleston, depending on your preference — have been dating for around a month, and the two are already getting pretty serious. Since they were first outed as a couple in mid-June, Twitter has gone crazy over the pairing, with some more supportive than others. The timing, the photos, the meeting of the parents, has all come under great scrutiny, with some fans convinced that the romance is just another celebrity publicity stunt. Hiddleston's newest accessory isn't really doing him any favors on that score. Twitter is having a field day with Hiddleston's "I [heart] T.S." shirt, and I can't say I blame them. (Not only was Hiddleston spotted wearing the shirt, he also had a painted on tattoo of a heart with a T in it on his arm.)

Here are 11 of the best Twitter reactions to Hiddleston's "I love Taylor Swift" shirt.

Why Hiddleston chose to wear this shirt in public remains a mystery, and there are a lot of questions that need answering. Is it a weird joke on the fans and paparazzi? Is it genuine love? Also, who made the shirt? Did Swift give it to Hiddleston to wear on her favorite holiday? What does it all mean?