Here's The Breakdown Of Kat Von D's New Lippies

You have a minute? Actually, guys, I need several but it's worth it. Kat Von D is expanding her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, adding a whopping 25 new shades to her matte liquid lippie line. Earlier this week, Kat Von D revealed that she had tested and swatched 25 new Everlasting shades. At first, it wasn't clear if all 25 were confirmed and would be put into production. But she posted a bunch of Instas, confirming that there will indeed be just over two dozen new shades. When are the new Kat Von D Everlasting lippies coming out and where can you buy them?

That's why I need a few moments of your time. The shades have different, staggered launch dates and locations. Some are coming in February, others in April. Some shades are re-introductions in full-sized form.

The celeb tattoo artist and makeup mogul suggests following the official KVD Beauty Insta for all additional information on the shades. Do that now... if you don't already.

There are nudes, neutrals, gray, blues, oranges, purples, and even greens on the Everlasting horizon. It's a massive, expansive, and inclusive upgrade to one of the brand's most beloved products. These lippies are adored due to their velvety, mega matte, and immovable texture.

Below is the breakdown of when and where you can get the new Kat Von D Everlasting lippies.

Here are some swatches on Von D's pucker.

Here are the screen shots of the captions, providing some core details. The lippies are part of the 10th anniversary celebration and the releases are staggered.

The names and the shades slay.

This caption accompanied the Zero through Rubens lippies and provides details.

More lipliciousness.

Some are available at Sephora. Some are limited edition. This caption was attached to the Insta pic of Miss Argentina through XO.

Still with me? The nudes slay and there will even be a Sephora-only bundle.

Look, guys! Lovecraft is getting the liquid lippie treatment! And you can absorb further details about these shades. This caption accompanied Lovecraft through Crucifix.

I know it's a LOT to process and sift through.

Again, follow Kat's suggestion and follow the official Kat Von D Beauty Insta to stay on top of these launches or atop the colors you are most interested in owning and painting your pout with. One thing is a constant, though! KVD will make sure you are happily liquid lipsticking in 2017.

Images: Kat Von D/Instagram (5)