Meghan Markle's Cheetah Print Heels Are The Latest Way She's Pushing Royal Boundaries

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The Meghan Markle effect is in full swing, but not for the reason you might think. Markle stepped out for her first public appearance of the year wearing a stunning jacket and wrapped scarf. It might have looked like she played it safe, but Meghan Markle's cheetah print heels prove that she's still toeing the royal line. You can look like a sophisticated princess too, but it will cost you.

From the very beginning, Markle has shown that she won't be giving up her personal style just because she's a soon-to-be royal. Although she's stopped wearing shorts and started wearing more knee-length skirts, she still looks just as stylish as ever. Markle also loves to sneak a little risk into every single outfit. Just take her mesh engagement photo dress and velvet Christmas dress for an example.

Jay Pump 100, $395, Sarah Flint

Her latest outfit was no different. Although she kept it modest with her long-line jacket, wrapped scarf, and classic black trousers for her first public appearance of the year, Markle snuck some cheetah print into her look.

Although you can't tell at first glance, Markle's black pumps have a cheetah printed heel. According to the press release, the shoe is the “Jay” Pump designed by Sarah Flint. They're the perfect mix of trendy and sophisticated, which pretty much wraps up how Markle likes to dress.

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Jay Pump 100, $395, Sarah Flint

You almost can't tell that there is any cheetah print at all in the design. From the front, they look exactly like a pair of classic black pumps. But these shoes are anything but typical. The pumps have a faint deep brown and black print all along the heel. Basically, it's the best of both worlds — shoes you can wear to the bar and to a royal visit.

The shoes are so good that you might want to add them to your own closet. Just because these aren't exactly on fashion rules, doesn't mean they aren't on a royal budget though. According to the brand, the Sarah Flint “Jay” Pumps are a cool $395. Because looking like a royal doesn't come cheap.

If you want a pair of these Markle-inspired shoes, you'll want to do it fast. Just like the Strathberry bag that sold for four times the price and the jacket that is completely sold out, Markle's shoes are selling fast as well. The Sarah Flint website shows the majority of sizes are sold out as of Jan. 9 at 3 p.m.

Jay Pump 100, $395, Sarah Flint

Markle is the queen of towing the line when it comes to fashion. In case you're not aware, being in the royal family means that there are certain sartorial rules that everyone must follow. For example, the royal family is only supposed to wear nude nail polish and they always have to carry an all-black outfit when they travel, in case of a death in the family.

The soon-to-be royal pushes boundaries with every single outfit that she wears. First, Markle stepped out to announce her engagement wearing a skirt and no tights, which is against royal fashion protocol. She also chose a mesh dress in her engagement photos. Although the late didn't break any rules, it definitely wasn't traditional by any means.

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Bottom line: you never know what Markle will wear next, but you can bank on the fact that it's going to be trendy. It's incredible seeing her stay true to herself while still showing that she can fit her style into the royal family rules.

With her wedding day right around the corner, something tells me that even more exciting fashion moments are on the way.