Everyone Wants The Red Coat Nancy Pelosi Wore To Take Down Trump, So Here Are Some Killer Knockoffs


Being the "token" female in a room is no stranger to Nancy Pelosi. After explaining her goals on border security to Trump (like a small child) in what looked like the most awkward political meeting one could ever bare witness to, Nancy Pelosi stepped out in the flyest red coat. Despite the fact that Pelosi fought to talk, she exited the meeting rocking the deep red and paired it with some tinted cat-eye sunglasses. It's a look that definitely identifies with a "Thank U, Next" vibe.

The Minority Leader of the House has gained the attention of social media and the more you look at it, even you'll be obsessed with her obscenely high collard coat. According to a press release, it's the "Glamis" coat from the 2013 Max Mara collection. It's one item that the internet is just dying to put on its holiday wishlist.

Once Twitter got ahold of her walking out of combat in the Oval Office, being the unbothered baddie she is, everyone swarmed to know where she'd swiped it up.

"Nancy Pelosi's coat from today is making my 2018 highlight reel," one Twitter user commented. "Not all superheroes wear capes. Fashionable coats yes," another wrote.

But funnily enough, this isn't the first time she's been spotted in the burnt orange coat. Back in the golden days when Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term, she was caught wearing it in during the 2013 ceremony.


When it comes to Pelosi, her style is clearly timeless as this was taken five years ago. And even then, she was turning looks in a Jackie O bob and leather hand gloves. Come through, sis!

While this coat may no longer be on the market right now, there's good news, because the press release also mentioned the coat will make a comeback in 2019 in a variety of hues. In favor of the bop that is Nancy Pelosi's epic burnt orange coat, here's a bunch of similar styles that will have you just as gaga.

Anne Klein Single-Breasted Club-Collar Coat

If you're looking for the cute sway of Pelosi's coat, this collar coat may be calling your name. It's a mid-length wool, nylon and cashmere coat that should, be added to your cart, stat!

J.Crew City Coat

J.Crew nearly never disappoints with its outerwear and this funnel neck coat is the statement-making piece to show up and show out.

M&S Collection Petite Funnel Neck Coat

For the smaller peeps out there, this coat will fit like a glove so you're not swimming in fabric, but stunting like Pelosi. All you need now are those dope shades.

Single-Breasted Coat

Not everyone's into the long trench coat trend, so let this jacket be the one you buy that's close in color and style to Pelosi's coat, but short enough to still walk and function throughout the day.

Funnel Neck Coat

This jacket from Anne Taylor is the closest thing you'll find to Pelosi's original silhouette. And thankfully, it won't put you totally behind your rent payments.

Vero Moda Double Breasted Coat

Fans of ASOS may rejoice as this double-breasted coat is both politically-approved and stylish. Now, walk out of your next frustrating meeting and serve.

Red Collarless Longline Coat

Another coat that could kill is this River Island longline coat. It gives you all the symmetry in Pelosi's coat, with a bit more vibrant red color.

It's no secret that Pelosi knows how to confront adversity, but she's also taught fashionistas a thing or two on how to confront the streets afterwards in a jaw-dropping coat.