Kylie's Valentine's Collection Can Still Be Yours

Valentine's Day is only a week away, and judging by the subscription alerts from my favorite YouTube makeup artists, the holiday looks are also coming in steadily. One thing that seems to not be coming makeup junkies' way, though? The Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection. According to Kylie Jenner, the collection — other than the matte mini lips — was a one time release. Fans of the collection who weren't able to snag it were understandably bummed, but there seems to be one more place to buy the Valentine's Day Collection.

According to a post on Jenner's website, the Valentine's Day Collection is coming back, but it's coming to her New York City pop-up shop. If you want to snag the Kylie's Diary palette, a Valentine lip kit, or any of the other products, you'll need to be in New York on the shop's opening date of Feb. 13 and hope the goodies don't sell out. If you're not in the city, though, fingers crossed that you might have a friend who will be.

While Jenner has said she won't restock the collection online, she hasn't said the same thing about the collection in the pop-up shop. If I had to guess, though, the collection will be first come, first serve.

The Kylie Pop-Up Shop is actually Jenner's second, and like always, Kylie Cosmetics will be a huge part of the sale. From the Valentine's Day Collection to the Holiday Collection, some seriously limited edition items are coming back around for fans who will be in New York for the opening.

Also coming back to the pop-up shop is Jenner's famous lip kit wall. Now, fans can assume that the Valentine and Head Over Heels lip kits could be added to that gorgeous wall.

Fans are already planning to spend entire paychecks at this pop-up.

Now, Kylie Cosmetics fans will have another chance to snag the Valentine's Day Collection. If you're headed to New York on Feb. 13, get excited because that illusive collection could now be yours.