The 'Annabelle: Creation' Trailer Is Terrifying

by Jordana Lipsitz

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a scaredy cat, I recommend avoiding watching the trailer for Annabelle: Creation. If you think you're up for the task, then, get ready — but be prepared to be truly terrified. The trailer for the newest addition to The Conjuring universe is super unsettling, featuring the creepy dollmaker and his wife, the middle-of-nowhere house, and, obviously, the titular character Annabelle. Fans first met the doll in the 2014 film featuring her name, and this new window into the possession-heavy (and thankfully fictional) world reveals where Annabelle the evil doll came from. If you were thinking, "hell," you're mostly correct.

Annabelle: Creation tells the story of a spooky dollmaker and his not-quite-as-creepy wife who lost their daughter in a tragic accident 20 years before the events of the new film. Despite the fact the couple already has a roommate, more specifically the demonic soul of their dead daughter that "wanted permission to move into a doll so it could be with us forever," they decide to invite a nun and the orphans in her care to use their home as an orphanage. How sweet and generous! Clearly nothing could go wrong here. Children love dolls, right?

In the trailer, one of the girls traipses into the room the dollmaker insists is "locked and it stays that way," only to meet the family's ghostly daughter standing at a window and asking, "can you help me?" The ghost then turns into the sort of monster that will terrify even the strongest viewers out there.

The "evil presence" sets her sights on the orphans and does all the usual terrifying possession things — creating ethereal dark mists, possessing people, causing Bibles to fly in the air and doors to slam. One has to wonder if when the couple "prayed to see [their] beloved girl again," the wrong entity heard the prayer.

Warner Brothers

In 2014's Annabelle, this same doll proceeds to wreak havoc on another new family who think an antique doll is just what they need. A few murders and possessions later, they learn their lesson and attempt to destroy her. Of course, it doesn't quite work, and we'll find out a little more why this doll can't be destroyed when Annabelle: Creation hits theaters on Aug. 11. Get ready, horror fans.