Lady Gaga Left Too Soon After Her Super Bowl Show

by Kadeen Griffiths
Elsa/Getty Images

Mind. Still. Blown. I wasn't ready to let Mother Monster go after such an epic performance, but go she apparently did. As for where Lady Gaga went after her Super Bowl halftime show, that's a little less clear to me. I know she can't spend all night on that stage — I wish she could, but she can't — but it was over so quickly and she was gone so fast. Where did she go, guys? After she dropped the mic, I was clapping too hard to focus on anything else. And, you know, the camera cut elsewhere, because apparently they don't think we need to know where our icons have disappeared to after blowing our minds.

Update: TMZ confirmed that Lady Gaga didn't really jump all the way down to the stadium on Monday, Feb. 6, by showing that Lady Gaga was suspended in the air following her jump. Mother Monster is fine, y'all. Everything's fine.

Earlier: From what I could see, while the fireworks were going off, and Gaga was throwing her mic away to grab a football, she jumped off a platform to... the area below the stage. No doubt she landed on a lower platform — or an air bag — and strolled out of view to collect her high-fives, a towel, and some water after the performance of a lifetime. After all, as she showed us in her many, many social media pictures leading up to the performances, that stage has a lot of moving parts and the cameras aren't on every single one of them.

With that mystery more or less solved, the only real thing we have left to wonder is whether or not Lady Gaga will indeed announce a tour in 2017 as so many people have speculated leading up to this point. There's no way that she can't ride the momentum from this amazing show to its natural conclusion, right?

You can see the whole performance here:

Or maybe this was, for her, the conclusion. By her own admission, she's been dreaming of this since she was a little girl. Maybe we should let the magic of an epic job well done wear off before we start pressing for more Gaga.