Cassie's Living Arrangements Right Now Could Be A Major Hint About The 'Bachelor' Ending

The Bachelor season is speeding to a close, but it's been a distant memory for the contestants since filming actually ended in fall of 2018. Since the show wrapped, they've had to go back to their lives and await the airing of the show to talk about whether they won or not — or even just what happened while they were on it. And where Cassie lives after The Bachelor shows that she's resumed her normal life just like the other women have.

Fans recently saw Colton and Cassie travel to her home town to meet her parents. She and her family live in Huntington Beach, California, which gave Colton and Cassie the chance to catch some waves before heading home to meet her parents. She wrote on Instagram that she was so excited to be home for the date.

"I remember feeling so excited to be back in Huntington Beach after being gone for a couple months! Definitely too quick of a trip back home, but the afternoon couldn’t have been more entertaining as I attempted to give my very first surf lesson. And the waves couldn’t have been more terrible."

After the show, it seems like Cassie is still living in Huntington Beach. Her Twitter bio confirms as much. But she has tagged some Instagram posts in Los Angeles, which is a little over an hour away from Huntington Beach. Colton has also been spending a lot of time in LA since filming, so this could be a sign that they've seen each other since.

"Can my leopard (cheetah??) shoes pls come to life and quickly get me out of this LA traffic?" she wrote on one photo of her sitting on stairs and nowhere near actual traffic. But even though she's traveled a bit, all her photos appear to have at least still been taken in the always-sunny state of California.

She recently complained about this very weather in an Instagram post. It's a picture of her drinking an iced beverage sitting with her back to the bright blue sky. Palm trees can be seen in the background. "Does anyone else feel like winter is extra long this year?? I’m ready for a season change" she wrote alongside a sun emoji. Gurl, some people are experiencing real winter.

So in any case if you were hoping that she'd moved to Denver and started building a life with Colton, she seems pretty firmly planted in California as of now. But, of course, she's required not to spoil the ending of the show, so it doesn't necessarily mean she loses if she's still living at home. There's plenty of time for moves to be made once the finale airs.

In the meantime, Cassie's been up to plenty in her home state. Like eating pizza on New year's Eve in Huntington Beach. (The best New Year's kiss tbh.)

And grabbing coffee at the local Café Gratitude (such a good name).

And showing off the "cotton candy clouds" in her home town.

Cassie seems to be a California Girl through and through. So it's no surprise that, after the show, she went back to her life there. But, if she could stop complaining about how sunny it is back home, that would be great.