This Baby Is M.I.A. On 'Empire'

Chuck Hodes/FOX

There have been some weird storylines on Empire, but the ending of the May 3 episode really takes the cake. Things seemed nice and even by the final moments, and that’s when you should know that something bad is about to happen. The Lyon family (even Anika and Mama) are having a nice lunch, everyone is happy, and then Child Protective Services shows up at the door with a S.W.A.T. team (which seems excessive) and a notice to take the baby. Where is Bella on Empire? This kiddo is missing in action.

First things first — who is behind Bella’s disappearance? Well, that could go a few ways. It could be the DuBois family using their influence to ruin the Lyon’s lives. Angelo and Mama DuBois are unhappy that Cookie turned down his proposal (and, uh, made him admit some illegal activity that a hot mic picked up, which ruined his chances of becoming mayor), and they’re out for blood. The DuBois family is political, and they know everyone in the city. They even shut down Lucious’ club! What would stop them from getting the baby taken away, too, even after Jamal gave their scholarship fund an anonymous $5 million from the family as a mea culpa. No mea, no culpa here.

Of course, there is another person who wants to bring the Lyon family (well, okay, just Lucious) down — Andre. With Shine by his side, Andre wants Lucious dead. He already hacked into Empire Enterprise’s computer system once and no one knew that he did it, so maybe he orchestrated this whole Child Protective Services thing in order to play a better hand. In the preview for the May 10 episode, everyone is all, “Where is that baby?” so I think something more malicious is at place here. Andre is smarter and more calculating than he lets on, and he could be behind Bella’s disappearance.